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Payments Engineer, Java + AWS (Mid / Senior / Lead)

Melbourne, Victoria

About Zeller

Accepting payments, managing your finances, and paying recipients should be simple. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Finding integrated financial solutions to help your business thrive often requires you to weave together multiple products from different providers. While a small group of large enterprises enjoy the privilege of financial solutions tailored for their specific needs, the vast majority of Australian businesses are underserved due to a lack of innovation, disparate providers, opaque pricing, and restrictive contracts. 

We believe in a level playing field where all businesses benefit from access to smarter payments technology and integrated financial services that enables them to accelerate their cash flow. So we’re hard at work building the tools to accomplish this. 

Zeller is backed by leading VCs, and brings together a team of experienced payment and tech industry professionals who are aiming to redefine business banking and financial services for Australian businesses. With an exciting roadmap of innovative new products under development, we are building a high performing team to take on the incumbents.

If you are passionate about innovation, thrive in fast-moving environments, love a challenge, hate bureaucracy and can’t think of anything more exciting than disrupting the banks, we’re putting together a team you might want to join. 

Role description

As a Payment Engineer you will be responsible for developing, architecting and supporting cloud native, highly available, robust and secure payment applications in the AWS environment. You will have knowledge in the payment domains of ISO8583, AS2805, HSM and acquiring connectors. You will have the experience and engineering skills in multi-threaded Java backend, API, SQL database development.

 With automation and maintenance being at the heart of our engineering principles, this position will have the enviable opportunity to adopt and promote best practices, bleeding edge technologies and trends. Not limited to a single product area or type, this role will work in a cross functional team with skill sets in full stack software engineering, devops, infrastructure, quality assurance to architect. You will collaborate with a cross-disciplinary team to own product software development, contribute and promote standards and engineering best practices, support operational activities such as; process automation, compliance activities, SLA upkeep requirements.

You’ll be tasked with translating business or product requirements into technical designs, hands-on implementation of the designs to see through its testing and deployment into various environments such as; development, stress testing, integration testing, staging and production. You will enjoy the fun of development from scratch in some application components while adhering to the company engineering standards, frameworks and best practices. You will also be a collaborative engineer capable of observing and contributing to existing works by other team members. Automation and maintenance is key, you will be excited to see through your contributions into production and maintain their longevity in the mission-critical environment.

Role responsibilities

  • Develop, enhance payment gateway service (Switch, API, Card Vaults … etc)
  • Develop and support AS2805, ISO8583 connectors
  • Develop and interface with HSM (MAC, Decrypt, Encrypt, PIN Translation)
  • Enhance cloud native switch in the AWS environment
  • Support certification team with payment link certification
  • Database development (SQL, NoSQL, DynamoDB)
  • Non-functional enhancement (performance, high availability)
  • Methodologically translate discussions with stakeholders, documents, own research findings into technical designs and implementation steps
  • Build to last and go production mindset versus build as proof-of-concept
  • Strong background in software engineering and design patterns
  • Strong and practical coding skills with Java
  • Strong knowledge in multi-threaded and socket programming
  • Instinctive desire to maintain code quality, tidiness and zero technical debt, 
  • Strong focus on test coverage (practice TDD, BDD)
  • Good with API and its design/protocol e.g. Restful, Websocket, SOAP
  • Can work with various databases to match query and storage requirements e.g. Aurora, DynamoDB, SQL, DocumentDB
  • Experience in cloud native architecture
  • Knowledge in secured coding e.g. OWASP, XSS, CORS
  • Appreciation and know-how in CICD
  • Experience in AWS Cloud environment
  • SNS, SQS, 
  • ElastiCache
  • Loading Balancing, ECS, ECR, Fargate, Auto-Scaling
  • AppMesh
  • S3, Aurora, RDS, DynamoDB, DocumentDB
  • CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy
  • CloudWatch logs, events, triggers
  • CloudTrail, X-Ray
  • Proven track record in developing and maintaining mission-critical high-load production systems with SLA 99.999%
  • Proven track record in supporting rapid and agile product deployments to different environments - dev, test, stress-testing, staging/production.

Your attributes

  • Loves challenging the status-quo
  • Ability to work autonomously yet collaboratively 
  • Prepared to be bold yet consistent with your engineering principles
  • Logical, ethical, mature and responsible
  • Fast learner, humble and loves to share knowledge
  • Calm and exercises positive level of stress in exceptional circumstances such as; production issues, timeline requirements

Qualifications and experience

  • Minimum of a Bachelor degree in software engineering (or related)
  • 4+ years of working experience in a technical hands on software engineering role
  • Demonstrable experiences in developing mission-critical systems

Bonus points

  • Experience in working within a high-growth environment
  • Experience in other cloud platforms (Azure, Google)
  • Experience in other programming languages
  • Experience with PCI compliant environments (PCI-DSS, etc)

What’s in it for you

  • Be part of something big from the outset
  • Watch your work be put up in lights
  • A balanced, progressive and supportive work environment
  • Competitive salary
  • A package which includes equity from an early stage

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