How the Zeller Affiliate program works.

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Zeller Account Activation

Earn $40 each time a new Zeller account is created and the merchant processes their first card payment.

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Zeller Terminal Purchase

Earn a $30 bonus when an activation purchases Zeller Terminal directly from the Zeller Online Shop during checkout.


Benefits of the Zeller Affiliate program.

  • Increased commission and bonuses if your referral begins processing payments, or if they purchased Zeller hardware.
  • 30 day cookie lifetime.
  • Referrals have 30 days to begin accepting card payments for you to earn additional bonuses.
  • Regular feature and content updates on the Zeller Business Blog to help you create new Affiliate partner posts and content.
  • Support from Zeller's dedicated Affiliate program team.
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General Affiliate Program FAQ

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Can I use Zeller imagery or content on my own website?

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Does Zeller have an Affiliate Program manager I can contact?

Commission and Account FAQ

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How does the program know when I should receive credit for an activation?

When and how do I get paid?

What is your return day or cookie policy?

How do product returns and account deactivations affect my commission?