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Expense management your finance team will love.

Try Zeller Corporate Cards free. Pay $0 for your first 60 days.

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Create cards instantly

Issue virtual corporate cards instantly, or order physical cards.

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Set recurring budgets

Automate spending budgets to reset daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly.

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Easy expense reconciliation 

Employees can upload receipts, invoices, or attach notes to expenses.

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Complete finance view

With access to real-time spend data, you'll never encounter surprise expenses.

How to use Zeller Corporate Cards.

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See all corporate cards in one place

Track balances and open expenses for every corporate card.
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Implement spend controls

Automate daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly budget reset periods, and assign transaction limits.
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Attach receipts to expenses

Enable teams to attach receipts and invoices, add notes, and assign categories to expenses submitted.
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Track outstanding expenses

Streamline finance reporting by tracking which expenses still require information to be submitted (coming soon).
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Cardholder spend insights

See a real-time status on current spend and remaining budget, reset schedule, and transaction limits for each card.

Better expense management.

Zeller Corporate Cards give finance teams greater flexibility and control over business expenses.

  • Centralise expense tracking in Zeller Dashboard to eliminate manual reimbursements.

  • Sync expenses with Xero using the Bank Feeds integration. More

  • Automate reminders for team members to upload receipt details (coming soon).


Manage projects and teams.

Assign corporate cards to individual employees, or to team members working on joint projects.

  • Issue corporate cards to individual employees with their own budget.

  • Assign corporate cards to teams to manage project expenses.

  • Automatically categorise project expenses to simplify finance reconciliation.


Virtual or physical corporate cards? You decide.

Choose to issue a virtual corporate card instantly, or order a physical card.

  • Employees can add virtual corporate cards to a mobile wallet.

  • Order a physical Zeller Corporate Card for in-person spending.

  • Zeller Corporate Cards are available in 4 colours.


Mobile expense management.

Create and manage corporate cards directly from your smartphone with Zeller App.

  • Issue cards to staff members and add card nicknames.

  • Set spend limits and budget controls with automated reset periods.

  • Attach receipts to transactions for faster reconciliation.


Try Zeller Corporate Cards free for 60 days.

Card Fee


Try Zeller Corporate Cards free for 60 days from first card activation.



Just a low FX margin on international purchases. 



No costly monthly expense management software fees.

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Access spend reports from Zeller App or Dashboard.

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Get started in minutes.


Create a Zeller Account.

Signing up takes minutes for most businesses, and it’s free.


Add an opening balance.

Transfer funds to your account to create an opening balance.


Issue a Zeller Corporate Card.

Create a virtual or physical corporate card for an employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a corporate card?

A corporate card is a physical or virtual payment card, sometimes in the form of an employee debit card, which a business issues to employees to use for their day-to-day work-related expenses. Corporate cards makes it easier for employees to spend pre-approved money on behalf of their business, and removes the need for the employee to have to spend their own money for reimbursement at a later date. 

For businesses, corporate cards are a tool to help monitor business expenses and track employee spending more efficiently. Spending limits and recurring budgets can typically be set to corporate cards, and restrictions can be set in place to limit purchases to certain categories or types — for example, for business travel or hosting a customer event. 

How do I get a Zeller Corporate Card?

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