Protect your business from rising costs. Switch to zero-cost EFTPOS.

Protect your business from rising costs. Switch to zero-cost EFTPOS. Learn more


Zeller for startups

All-in-one financial tools that scale with you.

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Free business accounts

Create unlimited business accounts for every project or team.

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Issue cards

Track expenses and manage cash flow with free business debit cards.

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Get a complete overview

Real-time reporting on your overall startup financial position. 

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We'll help you grow

Attend events, network with founders, and let us amplify your brand.

Transaction Accounts.

Say goodbye to outdated business banks, and opt for a solution that's smarter, and more scalable. 

  • Add new Transaction Accounts for every project.
  • See every transaction, transfer, expense and settlement.
  • Categorise expenses to track business cash flow.
  • Secure, unlimited, and free real-time transfers.


Debit Cards.

Track business spending and team expenses with free, unlimited business debit cards.

  • Issue free physical and virtual cards.
  • Attach notes, receipts or invoices to transactions.
  • Personalise cards with your business details. 
  • Enjoy cardholder rewards and cashback benefits.


Run it all from Zeller App.

Access and manage Zeller accounts and cards, right from your smartphone.
  • Add Transaction Accounts and manage Debit Cards.
  • Manage team expenses and track business spending.
  • Real-time sales and cash flow updates. 
  • Free to download for iOS and Android users.


Zeller Accounts and Cards are free.

Don’t pay manage your own money — Zeller Transaction Accounts and Cards are fee-free.

Zeller Transaction


With no monthly account or transfer fees.

Zeller Debit


Unlimited physical and virtual Debit Cards.

Minimum Balance


No minimum monthly balance required.

Account Setup


It's free to sign up for a Zeller Account.


Sign up in under 5 minutes.


Create an account.

Creating a Zeller Account takes minutes for most businesses, and it’s free. 


Add funds to your account.

Transfer funds to your account for an opening balance.


Choose your products.

Discover every financial product available to your in Zeller Dashboard.