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    How to structure a new business

    17.05.2021 Business tips

    Choosing the right legal structure is a crucial part of running a business. The business structure you choose will affect your legal obligations,..

    Your newest customer: Understanding Gen Z’s shopping habits

    14.05.2021 Industry & Tech

    As Gen Z garners more and more spending power, it’s key to understand where (and how) they shop. When new generations enter the workforce and gain..

    How the 2021-22 Federal Budget impacts your business

    12.05.2021 Business tips

    The Federal Government has handed down its 2021-22 Budget, after what has been one of the most expensive policy years in Australian history. Initial..

    How to Prove PCI Compliance

    10.05.2021 Business tips

    If your business accepts card payments, you must comply with this global standard to protect cardholder data. No matter your business’s size or..

    Does the Cost of Acceptance Outweigh the Price of Rejection?

    7.05.2021 Payments

    While the added expense of card processing fees may paint cash-only business as an appealing option, in the scheme of things, the cost of acceptance..

    Meet Zeller: we’re reimagining banking for Australian businesses

    4.05.2021 Features, Tools and Integrations

    Accepting payments, managing your finances, and paying recipients should be simple. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Our research shows the..

    Zeller Terminal: your EFTPOS payments solution

    4.05.2021 Features, Tools and Integrations

    Zeller Terminal is a next-gen EFTPOS terminal designed to accept every payment, and for one low rate, while looking great on your countertop. Under..

    Zeller Transaction Account: manage your business’s finances

    4.05.2021 Features, Tools and Integrations

    By providing a free business account and Mastercard with Zeller Terminal, Zeller gives you a simple way to stay on top of your business finances. A..

    Zeller Mastercard: put your money to work

    4.05.2021 Features, Tools and Integrations

    When you purchase Zeller Terminal, you get a free business Mastercard included right in the box. Using your Zeller Terminal  in conjunction with..

    Rush Escape Game: Doubling Business After a Double Lockdown

    4.05.2021 Features, Tools and Integrations

    Meet the local Melbourne business accelerating its cash flow through Zeller. Visitors come from all over the world to uncover clues, solve puzzles,..