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Zeller for Retail

Accelerate your retail cash flow.


Zeller is designed for retail businesses, no matter your style or size.

Whether you’re running a market stall, a pop-up shop, or have a growing footprint of retailers — Zeller is the perfect retail EFTPOS solution for your business.


  • Bring payments to your customers — Accept customer payments anywhere in the store with a mobile retail EFTPOS terminal.
  • Customise your checkout — Add customised tipping, surcharges or taxes to suit your industry.
  • Bust the queue — Set up a new Zeller Terminal in minutes, then process payments along the queue to avoid wait times.
  • Fast checkout — Provide your customers electronic receipts via email or SMS, or print receipts directly from Zeller Terminal.
  • Avoid outages — Deliver optimal customer service and avoid untimely outages with SIM and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Completely cordless — Keep your countertop clear with Zeller’s cable-free design, or add a discreet charging dock.
  • Use alongside your POS — Pair Zeller Terminal with your retail point-of-sale solution.
  • Manage employee access — Restrict or grant access to features with Administrator, Manager, and User-level permissions.
  • Manage sites and locations — Set up, track and customise settings across multiple sites and locations in a few clicks.
  • Complement your store — Make your shopfront the hero with terminal designs in black or white to suit any aesthetic.
  • Easily scalable — No monthly rental fees means you can run multiple Terminals at different stores at no additional cost.

Zeller Terminal Take payments from customers around the store

  • Accept payments within minutes, with no lock-in contracts or need to visit a bank.
  • Know exactly what you're paying with one low rate for every tapped, dipped or swiped card payment.
  • Never miss a sale with the ability to accept in-person or over the phone payments from local or international customers.
  • Sell anywhere with a Wi-Fi and SIM-enabled EFTPOS terminal that frees you up to accept payments across the entire shop floor.
  • Available online from the Zeller Shop, or in Officeworks stores nationally.
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Zeller Transaction Account Track your spending, manage your finances

  • Settle funds directly to your Zeller Transaction Account for fast access, or sweep them to any existing bank account.
  • Track business expenses and manage your budget with a breakdown of all payments, categorised your way.
  • Get the complete picture with full visibility into your business transactions across every location and Zeller Terminal.
  • Manage your business relationships with Zeller Contact Directory built right into your Zeller Transaction Account.

Zeller Mastercard Pay recipients fast, control expenses

  • Your free Zeller Mastercard is included with your new Zeller Terminal — right in the box.
  • Accelerate your cash flow with fast access to your funds processed with Zeller Terminal.
  • Zero fees and no hidden charges on all domestic purchases, and no annual fee.

How does Zeller work for retail businesses?

Zeller gives your retail business a Payment Terminal, Transaction Account, and Business Debit Card, all in one box. Every feature has been designed to help you create a better customer experience while boosting your business cash flow. 

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Better shopping experiences

Engage with your customers wherever they are in your retail store with a fully mobile EFTPOS terminal.


Process more payments

Accept more card and payment types for one low processing fee.


Track sales on every device

Build custom reporting on sales at both a retail store location and terminal level. See which stores are the busiest, at what time, and from which Zeller Terminal.


Get your money fast

Settle funds directly to your free Zeller Transaction Account for fast access, or sweep them into any existing bank account.


Only use the parts you need

Choose the solution that’s right for you — Zeller’s products work as powerfully together as they do alongside your existing financial services products.


Manage your spending

Settle supplier invoices and pay vendors faster with your free Zeller Debit Card, then track your business spending from your free business Transaction Account.

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My biggest issue with previous EFTPOS terminal providers was the lack of personal service and poor customer service in general.

The Zeller brand has a personal touch. I felt like I was dealing with a local business, which felt more representative of myself and my brand.

Daniel Berman, Native Drops, Sydney

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Connect Zeller Terminal
with your preferred point-of-sale.

Zeller Terminal seamlessly integrates with over 600 point-of-sale solutions, delivering you a fast and secure customer checkout experience.

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Custom rates for larger retailers.

If you process over $250K of card transactions annually, you may be eligible for a custom rate. Call us to speak with Zeller Sales about designing a custom solution for your business.

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Monday to Friday
9 AM to 5 PM Australian Eastern Time

Or leave your details below and we’ll get in touch.

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The Zeller Guarantee

Try Zeller, and if you don’t love it you can send it back to us free of charge — we’ll refund your purchase price.

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Get started with Zeller in your retail business.

Most businesses can start accepting payments with Zeller in minutes. Signing up is free, and you can even purchase a Zeller Terminal in the process.


Is Zeller right for my Retail business?

Zeller is built to work for new, growing and established retail businesses that accept face-to-face card payments. Whether you’re selling at a market stall or across multiple locations, Zeller’s EFTPOS machine for retail businesses will likely fit your payments needs at a much lower cost than what you’re currently paying your bank. Zeller also helps you accelerate your retail business cash flow by giving you a free Transaction Account and Business Mastercard, right out of the box.

Does Zeller offer EFTPOS for Retail stores?

Zeller offers an affordable, fast and secure EFTPOS terminal for retail stores. Every Zeller Terminal includes a free Transaction Account and business Mastercard right in the box, so you can accept retail EFTPOS payments, manage your business finances, and pay vendors quickly.

How much does Zeller’s EFTPOS for Retail cost?

Card payments accepted with Zeller’s EFTPOS terminal for retail businesses cost 1.4% per tapped, dipped or swiped card payment. There are no monthly terminal rental fees or hidden charges. Zeller Transaction Account is yours free, and your Zeller Mastercard is included free, right in the box. There are no monthly account fees on your Zeller Transaction Account or Mastercard either.

Can I get a discount on Zeller’s processing fee?

If your retail business is processing over $250K annually in card payments through your EFTPOS payment terminal, you may be eligible for an even lower custom rate. Contact Zeller Sales to learn more.

Is Zeller hardware purchased or leased?

We never charge you a costly terminal rental fee. All of Zeller’s EFTPOS hardware for retail businesses is available for a low, one-off purchase price  it’s yours to keep as soon as you’ve paid for it.

How do I set up Zeller for my Retail business?

To get your retail business set up with Zeller, sign up for your free Zeller account by clicking here. You’ll then create your account, onboard your business, and order your Zeller EFTPOS Terminal. You can also purchase your Zeller EFTPOS terminal from Officeworks stores.

How do I switch from my bank to Zeller?

You can switch to Zeller for your retail EFTPOS payments by signing up here. You’ll be able to get started within minutes as soon as you’ve set up your free account. If you need help switching from your existing retail merchant services provider, you can also speak to the Zeller Sales team who can help you navigate your existing contract, too.

Can I accept MOTO EFTPOS payments with Zeller?

Yes, you can accept MOTO (over the phone) card payments with Zeller Terminal. Simply enter your customer's card details into Zeller Terminal, then process the payment as you usually would. The transaction fee for accepting a MOTO payment is 1.7% (including GST) per transaction. 

What is a Retail POS integration?

A retail POS integration streamlines your most time-consuming tasks — from managing inventory, to tracking sales and progress towards targets, shift scheduling, and much more. 

Integrating your retail point-of-sale system with Zeller Terminal also helps to improve the customer experience, by streamlining the payments processes and cutting down queues. When you integrate your retail POS system with Zeller, sales totals are automatically pushed from your point-of-sale system to your Zeller Terminal — ready for the customer to tap, dip or swipe to make payment.

Does Zeller integrate with my Retail point-of-sale system?

Zeller has released integrations with over 600 POS systems, which are currently live or in-testing — including popular Australia retail point-of-sale systems Lightspeed Retail and Hike. Search the Zeller Partner Hub for your preferred retail POS system and contact us today about getting set up.

Read the blog, How to Choose Retail POS Software for Your Store, for more information.