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About Zeller

Reimagining the future of business banking.

Why Zeller started

Businesses deserve better.

While the disparity between the number of businesses and the limited availability of banking services to them has always been stark, the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic amplified the importance for simpler access to smarter, integrated financial services.

Established businesses struggled, and in many cases close their doors, as a result of stagnating cash flow. Witnessing this, we believe Zeller’s goal; to reimagine the future of business banking, is more important than ever.


What we believe

Better business finances.

Accepting payments, managing your finances, and paying recipients should be simple. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Finding integrated financial solutions to help your business thrive often requires you to piece together multiple products from different providers.

While a small group of the largest enterprises enjoy access to financial products tailored for their needs, the vast majority of Australian businesses are underserved through a lack of innovation, disparate providers, opaque pricing, and restrictive contracts.

We believe in a level playing field where every business benefits from access to the tools they need to manage their finances. So we’re hard at work building the tools to accomplish this.


Interested in a career with Zeller?

Zeller brings together a talented team of creators, thinkers and builders who are personally and professionally invested in our mission,

Zeller is backed by leading investors.

We’re proud to have the trust of some of the world’s leading investors, who share our vision of changing business banking for the better.

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