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Zeller Transaction Account

BPAY Payments New

BPAY Payments

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Pay with a click

Use BPAY® to pay bills quickly, right from your Zeller Transaction Account.

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Track your costs

Assign BPAY details to contacts to see what you're spending, and with who. 

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Manage bills securely

Benefit from the combined security of BPAY and your Zeller Account.

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No fees

It's free to make bill payments with BPAY from your Zeller Transaction Account.

What is BPAY?

BPAY is an easy and secure way to manage and pay bills online from your Zeller Transaction Account. 
  • Pay bills quickly and easily, whenever you see the BPAY logo.

  • Assign contacts to bills paid with BPAY to track expenses over time.

  • Reconcile BPAY bill payments with Zeller and Xero Bank Feeds.


How to pay with BPAY and Zeller.

Select BPAY
Enter BPAY Details
Select a contact
Add BPAY Details
Initiate payment
Reconcile with ease
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Start a transfer

Commence a transfer from the Accounts tab of your Zeller Account by selecting BPAY.

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Enter BPAY details

Enter the Biller Code and Customer Reference Number (CRN). If you're paying a new bill,  choose to create a new contact.

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Link a contact

If you've paying a bill to an existing provider, attach the bill to their record by populating a contact.

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Assign a nickname

Add detail or information to simplify bill reconciliation.

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Initiate bill payment

Funds will be transferred to complete the bill payment via BPAY. 

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Reconcile bill payments

Connect Zeller Transaction Account with Xero Bank Feeds to streamline bill reconciliation.

Meet the Zeller Transaction Account.

Manage your money with a business account that's smarter than a bank.

  • See every transaction, expense, invoice, and settlement.
  • Create sub-accounts and issue unlimited business Debit Cards.
  • Free and unlimited real-time fund transfers and BPAY payments.
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All of your finances, covered.

Say goodbye to outdated business banks — get every financial tool you need in a free Zeller Account.

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Very easy to set up and start taking payments. Easy to use interface. Payments and accounts are easy to manage and settle with the online dashboard. Highly recommended if you're looking for a mobile solution for your business.
Jo Nuku, Zeller Merchant

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Make payments with BPAY and Zeller Transaction Account.

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