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Zeller Contact Directory

Smarter Contact and Customer Management.

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Manage contacts at-a-glance

Store and manage contact and customer information in Zeller Dashboard.

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Track payment history

View payments, transfers and invoices by contact in a click.

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Understand your spend

Supplier and vendor details are pre-filled for Zeller Debit Card transactions.

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Categorise your contacts

Add categories or custom contact notes for streamlined filtering and reports.

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Free with your Zeller Account

Zeller Contact Directory is enabled immediately in Zeller Dashboard.

Smarter contact and customer management.

Manage business relationships with smarter contact and customer management tools, included free in your Zeller Dashboard.

  • Link payments, transactions, and transfers to contacts and customers.

  • Store contact details for people and businesses you regularly interact with.

  • See information about businesses you spend at with Zeller Debit Card.

  • Build contact-level reports for a 360-degree view of your business health. 


A holistic view of your business contact database.

Store contact information, such as emails, phone numbers, and addresses.
  • Categorise contacts with custom tags such as ‘supplier’ or ‘book keeper’.

  • Add a photo, attach invoices, or upload receipts to contact profiles.

  • Store details for bank accounts you regularly transfer money to.

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Build a better customer relationship.

Understand more about your customers and suppliers with detailed notes and transaction information. 
  • Link individual and business contacts for a full view of each relationship.

  • Add contacts to transactions and accounts to track payments and transfers.

  • Store customer information and preferences in a contact profile.

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Send and track invoices by contact.

Get more information about your top customers, clients and vendors with invoice reporting by contact. 
  • Assign contacts to invoices sent, then track payment status by contact.

  • Personalise invoices and negotiate payment terms for frequent customers.

  • Zeller Invoices are free to send, and is included free with your Zeller Account.


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