Zeller Terminal

Portable EFTPOS machine by Zeller.

White Zeller portable eftpos machine

The perfect portable EFTPOS machine to take payments at the counter or on the go.

Looking for an all-in-one mobile EFTPOS machine that works anywhere? Zeller Terminal is the ideal solution.


Contactless devices

Zeller Terminal accepts payments via mobile device, watch or other NFC-enabled device.


Contactless cards

Contactless credit and debit cards can be tapped to Zeller Terminal.


Chip cards

Your customers can insert their chip card into Zeller Terminal and securely enter their PIN.


Magstripe cards

Zeller Terminal also accepts swiped cards. Customers can enter a PIN or sign the receipt to authorise the payment.

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MOTO payments

Accept over the phone payments by manually entering card details into Zeller Terminal.


QR codes

Use the built-in scanner to accept Alipay and WeChat Pay mobile payments. Coming soon.

Simple pricing, no surprises.

Always know what you're paying with a 1.4% transaction fee per tapped, dipped or swiped transaction for every card type. There are no hidden fees — PCI compliance, chargebacks, termination, and terminal rental fees, as well as bank charges, are included in your low rate.

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Elegant portable EFTPOS machine hardware.

Zeller Mobile EFTPOS machine looks good everywhere. With a minimalist design, available in two colours, Zeller Terminal fits your aesthetic.


Mobile EFTPOS, powerful features.

Simple setup

Sign up for Zeller free online and accept payments within minutes. No lengthy paperwork required.

Powerful battery

Accept payment from wherever the job takes you. Zeller Terminal will last all day.


Accept tapped, dipped, and swiped card payments as well as mobile wallets, print receipts, and more.

Stay connected

Zeller Terminal works everywhere. Connect via WiFi or pop in a SIM card so you've got roaming coverage.

Advanced security

We keep your business safe with 24/7 real-time transaction monitoring, end-to-end encryption and more.

Durable construction

Whether you’re making sales in-store or on the road, Zeller Terminal withstands everyday damage.

Smarter business payments.

  • Stay connected with your WiFI network or additional SIM card.
  • Issue customer receipts via print, SMS or email.
  • Choose to apply surcharges to your customer's payments.
  • Easily process refunds at no additional cost.
  • Update and apply settings across every terminal
  • Manage your employees permissions.
  • Prompt customers to leave a tip from the payment flow.
  • Access real-time data and your searchable transactions.
  • Read and scan QR barcodes. Coming soon.
  • Split payments across cardholders. Coming soon.
  • Keep your businesses financial information secure.

Stay connected
with Zeller SIM Card.

Connect your Zeller Portable Terminal to your business's WiFi or a personal hotspot. For affordable, realiable coverage on-the-go,  pop in the optional Zeller SIM Card.

  • Take payments anywhere you do business.
  • Affordable coverage at $15 a month with no lock-in contracts.
  • Protection against excess data charges with unlimited data.
  • Powered by Optus, with 98.5% coverage and reliable connectivity.
  • Use your SIM Card as back-up for WiFi downtime.
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Easy event payments with Zeller's Mobile EFTPOS terminal. From festivals to pop-up markets.

When you sign up with Zeller, you’ll get a truly portable EFTPOS terminal that lets you take your business anywhere. Whether you’re setting up shop at a massive music festival, sporting match, or selling at a local pop-up market, our portable EFTPOS machines let you accept American Express, JCB, Visa Mastercard and other EFTPOS transactions along with other forms of payment like Google Pay on the fly.

If you have an event coming up and need a portable payment solution with low transaction costs and merchant service fees, we can set you up with everything you need. Learn more about our customisable purchase or rental packages for Event Payment Processing to suit your business needs.


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How our portable EFTPOS Terminal works.

When you purchase Zeller portable EFTPOS terminal, you also get a free Transaction Account and Zeller Mastercard in the same box.


The Zeller Guarantee

Try Zeller, and if you don’t love it, send back your EFTPOS Terminal free of charge, and we’ll refund your purchase price.

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Custom rates for larger businesses.

If you process over $250K of card transactions annually, you may be eligible for a custom rate. Call us to speak with Zeller Sales about designing a custom solution for your business.

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FAQs about portable EFTPOS machines

How much does a portable EFTPOS machine cost?

Zeller Terminal is available for a one-off purchase price of $299 – no hidden charges or monthly terminal rental fees. Zeller also helps you accelerate your business's cash flow by giving you a free Transaction Account and Business Mastercard, right out of the box.

Can I use my phone as an EFTPOS machine?

Some merchant service providers offer a device that can be plugged into a mobile device and used to take payment. However, a purpose-built EFTPOS terminal will deliver a more professional payment experience. Zeller Terminal is easy to transport, so you can take it wherever your customers are.

How do you use a portable EFTPOS machine?

EFTPOS machines work by transmitting information from a customer's credit or debit card to the payment processor, collecting information from the customer's bank, and then completing the transaction if there are enough funds available. Portable EFTPOS machines rely on a long-lasting battery and an internet connection to work. Zeller Terminal connects via Wi-Fi and SIM card, so you can accept credit card payments from wherever the job takes you.

What’s the best portable EFTPOS machine for a small business?

The best EFTPOS terminal will help you keep more money in your business. That means fast transactions, low transaction fees, and no hidden costs. Your credit card machine also needs to be able to accept every type of payment your customers use, so you don't lose out on any sales.