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Swap your Business Bank for a Zeller Transaction Account



Swap your Business Bank for a Zeller Transaction Account

Discover a better way to store and spend business funds.

Zeller Transaction Account is a powerful business transaction account that makes keeping on top  of your spending, transactions, payments, settlements and invoices, and making managing your business financial health simple and straightforward. When you sign up for Zeller, you get a free Zeller Transaction Account instantly  — there’s no paperwork or need to visit a bank. 

Some business bank accounts are outdated. Many are simply a secure place to store funds. With Zeller Transaction Account, you can replace your outdated business bank account with next-gen technology that gives you one place to see your incoming and outgoing transactions in real time, understand customer and business spending, and track payments across your entire business — right from your computer or smartphone. 

New enhancements make the Zeller Transaction Account the most powerful transaction account for any business stage or type. Whether you operate a start-up or a scale-up, sell face-to-face or online, or manage contractors as part of an agency, Zeller has the right financial services solution for you. Zeller Transaction Account can be used together with other Zeller products, or as a standalone Transaction Account for businesses that:

  • need a place to settle funds to
  • don’t have an established banking history, yet need a transaction account fast
  • want solutions to help manage expenses across a wide range of employee or contractor types, without the fuss.

Keep reading to discover how Zeller Transaction Accounts work.

An all-in-one solution

Zeller’s suite of products support all of your business’ financial needs. 

Funds accepted via Zeller Terminal are settled to your Zeller Transaction Account nightly, 365 days a year, and then instantly available to spend with your Zeller Debit Card. Plus, with your own Account Number and BSB, you can invite customers, clients and other third parties to transfer funds directly to your account when paying your business for invoices. 

Alternatively, Zeller Transaction Account can be used as a standalone business account to store, save and manage your funds.

Sign up for your free Zeller Transaction Account today.

Meet your new Transaction Account

Zeller Transaction Account is an all-in-one business account for growth-minded merchants. Complete with BSB and Account Number, it’s packed with all of the tools you need to manage, categorise and spend business funds.

Instant setup

Create your Zeller Transaction Account in a few simple steps online, with no lengthy paperwork or need to visit a bank branch. In fact, it’s the fastest and simplest way to sign up for a business transaction account, anywhere in the world — most business owners can be set up with a new account in under 5 minutes. 

You can create as many free Transaction Accounts as your business needs — whether that’s one for every business location, one for saving and another to store petty cash for employees to spend with their Zeller Debit Cards, or any other setup. No matter your business stage or type, Zeller can support the way you run your business.

Real-time and unlimited transfers

Outdated business banks will make you wait days to receive your funds — and even longer on weekends and public holidays. With Zeller Transaction Account, funds are transferred in real-time. 

Powered by the New Payments Platform, Zeller enables faster, simpler, smarter payments for every business. With your Zeller Transaction Account, you can send and receive funds in real-time for instant cash flow. 

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All businesses need fast cash flow. Whether you're a market merchant needing their funds settled to buy fresh produce, an agency wanting to pay its contractors faster for completed work, or an online seller needing to pay a drop-shipper to release the goods so you can fulfil orders — Zeller’s nightly settlement gives you the fastest way to access your hard-earned money. 

Instant, fee-free spending

Create and issue virtual Zeller Debit Cards, or order physical cards, online in an instant. Then, connect your card to one of your Zeller Transaction Accounts so you and your staff can spend business funds to make purchases in-store and online. 

Simple expense management

Zeller Transaction Account is the most powerful account for modern businesses. That means you have the ability to upload receipts, add notes, categorise transactions, and assign contacts to transactions so you better understand the customers spending with your businesses as well as the businesses you’re purchasing from. 

Powerful business insights

Real-time transaction lists and reporting, available in both Zeller Dashboard and the Zeller App (coming soon), empower you with the insights you need to run a successful business. Plus, funds settled to and withdrawn from your account are easily accessible, from wherever business takes you.

Xero Bank Feeds integration

Rely on Zeller’s up-to-the-minute integration with Xero bank feeds to reduce the admin load of manual transaction uploads and reconciliations.

When funds are settled to your Zeller Transaction Account, transaction information appears in your Xero organisation instantly. Secure access can be granted to third parties like your bookkeeper or accountant, ensuring you’re working as efficiently as possible from the exact same data.

Get started today

Zeller Transaction Account gives you complete oversight of your finances to help you make smarter business decisions. Having the ability to see your true financial position at any point in time enables you to identify opportunities for business growth and see where savings could be made. 

Open your free Zeller Transaction Account online in minutes today.