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Replace your Outdated Business Bank with Zeller



Replace your Outdated Business Bank with Zeller

Everything you'd expect from a business account — and more. 

As a business owner, you want to focus on growing your business. Whether your goal is to scale up, increase your profits, or explore new opportunities — our growing range of financial services products enable you to take that next step. 

We have expanded our product suite to include three new, powerful products that will help more Australian businesses — like yours — to grow. 

  1. Zeller Debit Card
  2. New and improved Zeller Transaction Account
  3. Zeller App 

As with all Zeller products, these new offerings work just as well together as they do with your existing solutions. When used in conjunction with Zeller Terminal, they give you a complete view of your incomings and outgoings — enabling you to get a better handle of your business cash flow.

Yet, as part of the exciting evolution of Zeller, you can also opt to use each of these products as a standalone replacement for your current business bank account. Zeller is a new and powerful replacement for your business accounts and cards, enabling you to store, save and spend your money better. 

Keep reading to learn more about how Zeller is reimagining business banking by developing innovative products to help you run your business better — with no lock-in contracts, monthly fees or need to visit a bank.

Reimagining business banking for Australian businesses 

In 2021, over 3 in 5 Australian business owners reported that they would prefer to manage their business finances through a non-big 4 bank. Tired of the lengthy set-up processes and paperwork, slow settlement, hidden account fees and fine print, it was clear that business owners desired a powerful new alternative.

Zeller launched that same year to offer a smarter alternative to outdated business banking solutions serving Australia’s thriving business ecosystem — supporting merchants to grow their cash flow and profitability as they emerged from the pandemic with products that enable them to access their funds faster, gain valuable business insights, manage expenses more efficiently, and sell to their customers in more locations. 

Now we’ve expanded Zeller’s suite of products to offer a complete financial services solution that’s everything you'd expect from a business bank, but better. The release of these new products marks an important milestone for Zeller in becoming a financial services provider that meets all of your business financial needs — from accepting payments to managing your finances, paying employees and bills, tracking your expenses, reporting on business growth, streamlining bookkeeping and more. 

With Zeller, you can say goodbye to your outdated business bank. No matter what your financial services needs are, we are developing the solutions to power them — with no monthly fees, no paperwork, no need to visit a branch, and no lock-in contracts.

Ready to get started with Zeller?

Meet Zeller’s suite of new, powerful financial products

Use them all or pick one to plug into your existing tech stack, Zeller offers a suite of financial services products to power up your business — including EFTPOS payments and invoices, accounts and cards, with new solutions for expense management coming soon. 

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Zeller Transaction Account

When you sign up for your Zeller Account, you get a free, powerful Zeller Transaction Account that you can use to replace your traditional business bank. Or, simply sign up for your free Zeller Transaction Account and use it without any other Zeller products. 

It’s the most powerful business Transaction Account for any business stage or type — complete with your own BSB and Account Number. Once set up, you can create as many additional accounts as you like.

Zeller Transaction Account comes with features to see a full overview of all of your payments, transactions, expenses, spending and invoices across your top suppliers and customers, and manage expenses in real-time with ease. You can transfer funds to and from your Zeller Transaction Account instantly, then rack all your incomings and outgoings with up-to-the-minute Xero Bank Feeds, to streamline reconciliation.

Using your Zeller Transaction Account in conjunction with Zeller Terminal gives you the fastest possible access to your funds, so you can put your money to use. Funds accepted via Zeller Terminal are settled to Zeller Transaction Account nightly, 365 days a year. 

Zeller Debit Card

As you grow your business, you’ll need to purchase stock; pay bills, suppliers and employees; and keep track of it all so your budget is under control. Zeller Debit Card, which replaces Zeller Mastercard, is linked to your free Zeller Transaction Account so you can spend funds as soon as they settle to your account.

With Zeller, you can create unlimited, free virtual cards and assign cards to employees in seconds so they can make business purchases in-store and online. Then, add notes and upload receipts so you know where your money is going. If your card ever goes missing, it’s simple to lock or cancel the card in an instant via Zeller Dashboard or Zeller App.

Whether it’s a round of coffee for staff, or your business’ electricity, you can pay for it with Zeller Debit Card — plus, you’ll get access to exclusive cardholder benefits and rewards with every dollar you spend. Purchases made in Australia are always fee-free, and there are no annual card fees.

Zeller App

The Zeller App is the only app you need to manage your accounts and cards, EFTPOS and payments, invoicing and expense management, and more. Whether you operate a startup or a scale-up, you can run all of your business finances from your mobile phone, no matter where you are in the world.

With Zeller App, you can: 

  • transfer funds fast between accounts
  • order and issue, activate and cancel Zeller Debit Cards for you and your team 
  • view sales reports
  • view your entire transaction list and details for all your Zeller Transaction Accounts, Zeller Debit Cards and funds settled from Zeller Terminal
  • add notes to your transactions

and more.

Zeller App is available and free to download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Zeller Terminal

Whether you’re accepting payments in-store, on the go or over the phone, Zeller Terminal ensures customers are able to pay for your goods or services quickly and securely. 

When you’re just starting out, having an EFTPOS machine helps establish legitimacy with customers and affords incredible efficiencies; you don’t want to be sending customers to an ATM or requesting bank transfers. When you’re operating a busy business, an EFTPOS machine that processes customer payments in seconds helps to cut down queues and increase customer satisfaction — ensuring their final touchpoint with your business is a positive one. 

Make use of intelligent functionality such as: 

  • integrations with 600+ point-of-sale systems to streamline payments
  • custom surcharging to pass on your cost of acceptance in full
  • tipping prompts to grow your tips by 30%
  • customisable receipts for additional business branding

and much more. With 99.999% uptime and the option to add a Zeller SIM Card so you can process payments when Wi-Fi or personal hotspot isn’t available, Zeller Terminal ensures you’re always ready to sell. 

In-person payments cost just 1.4% per tapped, dipped or swiped transaction, while over-the-phone payments cost 1.7% to reflect the additional security measures required to keep your business safe. If your business processes over $250K in card payments per year, you may be eligible for a custom rate.

Funds accepted via Zeller Terminal are settled to your Zeller Transaction Account overnight, 365 days a year, and available to spend using your Zeller Debit Card the very next day.

Zeller Terminal comes in black and white, and is available from Zeller Shop and Officeworks Stores nationally. There are no lock-in contracts, terminal rental fees or hidden charges. 

Zeller Dashboard

Having the ability to see, track and report on your incomings and outgoings is key to running a successful business. Zeller Dashboard provides one convenient location to see your incomings and outgoing in real-time, manage your EFTPOS terminal settings, create reports, keep track of business performance and more — from wherever you are. 

Understanding where your money is coming from, and then being spent, is key to healthy cash flow. It also makes tax time easier and enables you to find opportunities to cut spending to support business growth. For example, using Zeller Dashboard you can instantly identify which times and days of the week your business is the quietest. With this information in hand, you can make informed decisions about whether to change your opening times, close on public holidays, reduce your staff, and much more. 

Zeller Contact Directory works hand in hand with Zeller Dashboard, allowing you to better understand the customers who shop with you and get valuable insights about the businesses you spend with. This powerful functionality gives you one place to see every EFTPOS payment, transaction and account transfer processed with an individual or another business — and it’s included free.

Make the switch today

Whether your business is big or small, Zeller products can help you run more efficiently and meet your next growth milestone. Plus, all Zeller merchants get free access to live support in under five minutes. Our team of experts is on hand to help you with any queries you may have, and are available via phone call or text, email, and social media. 

Sign up for your free Zeller Account today in under five minutes to get started, or speak to Zeller Sales about a custom package designed to suit your business needs.