Protect your business from rising costs. Switch to zero-cost EFTPOS.

Protect your business from rising costs. Switch to zero-cost EFTPOS. Learn more

Power Up Your Business with Zeller’s POS Integrations



Power Up Your Business with Zeller’s POS Integrations

Connect Zeller Terminal to your preferred point-of-sale system.   

Looking for ways to fine-tune your business systems? Our developers have been hard at work building a powerful integrated EFTPOS solution that keeps your brand front and centre — at no extra cost to your business. 

Zeller now connects with over 600 point-of-sale (POS) systems — including leading solutions such as Impos, Redcat, OrderMate, Zii, Abacus and Lightspeed Retail, plus a long list of others that service a wide range of business industries and sizes.  

Integrating Zeller Terminal with your POS system is an easy way to reduce errors and enhance the checkout experience for your customers, all while speeding up the payments process. Read on to discover the most efficient way to accept payments by integrating your POS system with Zeller, learn about the new Zeller Partner Hub, and find out how to get set up.

Ready to seamlessly connect your payments?

What makes Zeller’s POS integrations unique? 

Faster, safer and more accurate, integrated EFTPOS streamlines the entire payment process — freeing you up to focus on making the customer experience more memorable. Zeller’s new integrated EFTPOS solution is designed from the ground up to deliver even more value for your business. 

Beyond automating the communication of payment information between your POS system and EFTPOS terminal, Zeller’s POS integrations provide additional benefits to your business — from beautiful, custom on-screen branding to a modern, cordless design. When you use Zeller, you get more bang for your buck. 

Faster transactions with fewer errors

By connecting Zeller Terminal with your selected POS system, you remove the need to manually key in sales totals. Simply ring up the sale on your POS system, and the sales total will appear on Zeller Terminal. 

It’s the quickest way to process customer transactions — helping you save time and cut down queues.

Showcase your brand

Zeller’s integrated EFTPOS solution keeps your business brand front and centre with a new bespoke screen. When Zeller Terminal is idle in POS mode on your countertop, you can choose to have either a business logo or custom text appear on-screen. This is another opportunity to put your brand in front of customers, and enrich the checkout experience.

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Back-up when you need it

In the event of a POS system outage (or other disruption to your POS system), every other integrated EFTPOS solution will lock you out of your EFTPOS terminal — forcing you to contact their customer service centres in order to get back up and running. 

We understand it’s critically important that, no matter what, you are still able to process sales at your business. If your POS system suffers a disruption for any reason, you can continue to use Zeller Terminal. Simply toggle on Card mode, and you will be able to continue processing transactions via Zeller Terminal without any downtime.


Convenient, mobile payments

Zeller Terminal is cordless and, unlike most alternatives on the market, processes integrated payments via Wi-Fi. This means it can be taken to the table, bar or wherever the customer happens to be. Simply input items on your POS system and then carry your Zeller Terminal to a customer for simple, streamlined customer service. 

Having your EFTPOS terminal and your POS work together frees staff up to focus on the customer interaction. 

A clutter-free countertop

As Zeller Terminal is cable-free, it can be stored anywhere. Designed to look good on every countertop, turn it towards the customer and store it in a charging dock or secure with a discreet stand — whatever suits your business. If you prefer an empty countertop, store Zeller Terminal out of sight then hold it out to the customer when it’s time to pay.

With a multitude of options, and no cords to worry about, you can style your counter to suit the way you do business. 

Deeper reporting and business insights

Connecting Zeller Terminal to your POS opens up a world of opportunity by making it easier for you to gain data and insights about your business in your Zeller Dashboard. You can also identify POS-initiated sales at a glance for fast reconciliation.

600+ POS platforms to choose from

Whether you’re using a cloud-based software or an on-premise solution, with Zeller, you can be confident that — no matter which POS you choose, or industry you operate within — you’ll get the benefit of integrated payments. It’s a flexible solution designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes, operating across all industries. 


Business protection 

Our dedicated fraud prevention team works 24/7 to monitor transactions, protecting you and your business. Backed up by machine monitoring to quickly identify and adapt to any new security threats, Zeller Security is here to ensure your business’ data and finances are kept safe.

Fast, free installation

Here at Zeller, we don’t believe your business should shoulder the cost of integrating your EFTPOS terminal with your POS system. Although some merchant services providers may charge upwards of $10 per integrated terminal per year, Zeller’s integrated EFTPOS solution is free. There are no additional hidden costs or charges. 

Similarly, the process of getting set up with integrated EFTPOS has traditionally been cumbersome — often requiring a third party engineer or integration specialist to arrange a time to visit your business premises in person. Our team has delivered the simplest, quickest way to get set up with integrated EFTPOS. In most cases, it takes less than 15 minutes.

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“Whether it’s at the table or the bar, we can just hit a button on our POS and it pops up on Zeller Terminal. It looks beautiful, and the graphics are fantastic. All customers have to do is tap and go. Transactions, receipts and refunds are easy.”

Dom Garreffa, Pomelo and Bouvardia

What is a POS transaction?

POS transactions occur when your POS system is seamlessly connected with your EFTPOS terminal. When you use POS integrated EFTPOS, sales totals are calculated at your point of sale and then automatically pushed to your EFTPOS machine  — ready for the customer to tap, dip or swipe to pay. 

If you use a POS system in your business to ring up sales, take bookings, track inventory, or manage customer information, then Zeller’s integrated EFTPOS solution is a logical and practical way to connect your systems. If you’re yet to invest in a POS system, this may be the final push you need to do so. 

Read our blog What is Integrated EFTPOS? for more information.

Introducing Zeller Partner Hub

We are working closely with partners to build powerful integrations that amplify the power of Zeller, enabling you to save time, streamline operations and better run your business. Browse the integrations that our team of developers is working on in the Zeller Partner Hub

Looking for a POS system? We’re here to help you make the right choice for your business. Read one of our handy articles: 

Connect your POS system to Zeller Terminal

Streamlined transactions, flexibility in payment methods, and less potential for human error are just a handful of benefits that flow from connecting your EFTPOS terminal to your point-of-sale system. You can provide your customers with a smooth payment experience by connecting Zeller Terminal to your point-of-sale system. 

Current Zeller merchants, reach out to our Support team to discuss getting your business set up with an integrated EFTPOS solution via your POS system’s page on the Zeller Partner Hub. If you’re new to Zeller, fill out this form and our Sales team will be in touch.

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