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Protect your business from rising costs. Switch to zero-cost EFTPOS. Learn more

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Sign up free today and get Zeller Terminal for $99! Learn more

Zeller Terminal: Your EFTPOS Payments Solution, and So Much More



Zeller Terminal: Your EFTPOS Payments Solution, and So Much More

Meet your newest recruit: a sleek, reliable multitasker that takes payments, cuts costs, grows tips, splits bills, offers insights, and boosts your brand.

Once upon a time, EFTPOS terminals did one thing: accept card payments. In 2024, they have become the beating heart of a business’s finances, incorporating myriad tools and features to help merchants not only deal with the increasing volume of card payments, but also make informed business decisions, deliver premium and branded customer service, and get you paid faster. Zeller Terminal is one such device that’s leading the way in payment technology in Australia. Integrated into Zeller’s financial ecosystem, which offers a Transaction Account and Savings AccountDebit Cards and Corporate Cards, a Contact Directory and Mobile App, Zeller EFTPOS Terminal is a key component of an all-in-one system that gives businesses real-time visibility of their cash position, important sales insights, and near-instant access to their funds. So much more than an EFTPOS machine, Zeller Terminal is a key growth driver for your business, and below, we explain ten reasons why.



Accept tapped, dipped, and swiped card payments, mobile wallets, and over-the-phone payments.

Top 10 benefits of Zeller Terminal

1. It saves your business money.

Zeller Terminal is yours to own outright for the low cost of $259. There are no monthly rental fees, no lock-in contracts, and no hidden costs. Once you start taking payments, you will only ever incur a 1.4% transaction fee for all card types – including AMEX – or 1.7% for over-the-phone transactions. Plus, with Zeller Terminal’s flexible surcharging capability, you can choose to pass on all or part of your merchant fee to the customer. Unlike many merchant services providers which lock you into surcharging for an added fee, Zeller’s Zero-Cost EFTPOS option can be turned on, off, or customised at the press of a button. 

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"My costs for five terminals across three locations were in excess of $5500 a month… So I said enough is enough. I'm done spending this sort of money on bank fees."

Kirsten Pitman, restaurant owner in Victor Harbor, South Australia

2. It accepts every payment method.

Zeller Terminal gives your customers the option to pay however is most convenient for them. To make payment, a customer can:

  • tap their smartphone, watch, or other NFC-enabled device to the terminal 
  • tap their contactless debit and credit cards to the terminal
  • insert a chip card into Zeller Terminal and, if needed, securely enter their PIN 
  • swipe their card on Zeller Terminal and enter their PIN, or sign directly on the screen
  • call you and read their card details over the phone
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NFC transactions are quick and convenient, meaning a higher customer turnover for you — and a better experience for your customers.

3. It boosts your brand with customisable receipts and screensavers.

Zeller ensures your brand is central to the payment process by allowing you to customise both your receipts and your machine’s screensaver. Whether they’re printed or sent digitally as an email or SMS, Zeller receipts can incorporate a custom image at the top of the receipt, as well as business details, social media handles, a brief message or returns policy. Similarly, Zeller Terminal’s large digital screen can be customised with an image of your choice, allowing you to engage your customers with your brand while you scan their items or pull up their order on your point-of-sale. Much more than a simple payment device, Zeller Terminal is an innovative marketing tool that can be leveraged to instil your brand messaging.

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Customise your Terminal screensaver and your receipt to align with your brand.

4. It splits payments. 

Gone are the days of making your customers get out their phone calculator to figure out who owes what after a group meal. Zeller Terminal’s Split Payments functionality gives customers the option of splitting by custom value or by number of people. Not only is this more convenient for your patrons, but it speeds up the payment process, freeing up the EFTPOS terminal for it to be used by other staff. Additionally, by giving each individual customer the option to pay their share, it gives them all the opportunity to provide a tip. Everyone tips differently, so by giving more power to each customer, it is not only a more democratic process, it's likely to result in cumulatively greater tips for your business.

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5. It settles the bill, tableside. 

Zeller Terminal’s Pay at Table feature is revolutionising the dining experience. Where before waitstaff would have to jostle between the diner’s table and the point-of-sale machine to settle a bill, Zeller Terminal now allows you to see total outstanding bills, take payments and close tables — all on one device. Rather than the customer paying at the counter or finalising the bill in the traditional, time-consuming manner, waitstaff can deliver the bill and the mobile payment device, all at the same time. The status of a table is updated in real time and synced across all machines, reducing human error and optimising the whole operation. 

6. It makes processing refunds easy.

Zeller Terminal supports both complete and partial refunds – and you, as a business owner, have the ability to restrict who can provide a customer with a refund. It’s an added level of protection for your business. Refunding a payment doesn’t cost your business anything; Zeller doesn’t charge any additional fees for refunding a customer. 

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"Someone might call up and change their mind on the product and I can just immediately exchange it or refund it. They don’t have to come back in. For us that’s great. I just think it’s a lovely experience, and that’s what we’re all about."

Owner & Founder of Christian Kimber, Melbourne

7. It gives your real-time insights.

Track key metrics from your Zeller Terminal in your own Zeller Dashboard or on Zeller App. By providing powerful real-time data and a searchable transaction history, Zeller equips you with the tools you need to better manage cash flow, identify cost-saving opportunities and sales patterns. With most payment services providers, daily transaction information is unavailable until totals are tallied up at close of business — and important business information can only be found in a monthly merchant services statement. Having the ability to see how your business is performing at a glance enables you to quickly understand your short-term cash flow, progress sales targets to meet (and outperform) business objectives, and ultimately make smarter business decisions.

8. It gets you paid faster with same-day settlements.

When you settle your funds into a Zeller Transaction Account, your day’s takings from Zeller Terminal will be deposited into your account the very same night, 365 days a year. If you choose to settle your funds into a third-party bank account, you will receive them the next business day. Speeding up the settlement process means you have access to your funds faster, helping to keep your cash flow healthy, and helping to avoid delays to wage payments or supply orders.

9. It can be controlled remotely. 

If your business operates across multiple locations, you need an easy way to manage your EFTPOS payment terminals. Every one of your Zeller Terminals can be controlled from your Zeller account, ensuring consistency across your entire operation. Update your staff permissions, enable and disable surcharging, update the information on your receipts, and more from one easy, online location.

10. It increases your tips. 

Zeller Terminal makes it easy for customers to leave a tip. This is particularly useful for hospitality businesses — you don’t have to enable the feature, but the functionality is there. 

You can configure your Zeller Terminal to provide a range of tipping options, either prompting a customer to leave a tip calculated on a percentage of their purchase or allowing them to enter a custom amount. This is a proven tactic, designed to grow tips for your business. 

Plus protection for your business.

Zeller uses end-to-end encryption and industry best practices to protect transactions from the time they are taken at the terminal to the time your money is received. Whether you choose to use an open or secured Wi-Fi connection or a mobile broadband-based connection, all the information Zeller processes is encrypted to our servers. Our team adheres to industry best practices in cybersecurity and threat management, constantly monitoring transactions for suspicious activity and blocking fraudulent transactions. When payment disputes occur, our team of experts deals with the bank for you, helping you avoid costly chargebacks.

We’re always looking ahead.

Our team of developers are hard at work, continuously building new functionality to give your business an edge. That's why, when you sign up for Zeller, there are no lock-in contracts or commitments. We know you’ll love our solution enough to never want to leave. 

Learn more about how Zeller Terminal can help your business grow by accepting every card payment, quickly and securely, for one low rate.

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