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Zeller Terminal: your EFTPOS payments solution



Zeller Terminal: your EFTPOS payments solution

Designed to accept every payment, for one low rate, while looking great on your countertop.

Old-school EFTPOS machines were designed to do one thing: accept card payments. The hardware was clunky, and the technology powering the transfer and security of funds was slow. Zeller Terminal is designed to give Australian business owners an edge. 

Under the hood, it’s a powerful tool that helps you keep your business’ finances more secure and, when coupled with your free Zeller Merchant Account and Zeller Debit Card accelerate cash flow by giving you a near-instant way to spend your funds. Coupled with Zeller Dashboard and Zeller Contact Directory, it's an all-in-one system that gives you real-time visibility of your incomings and outgoings as well as a way to keep track of all business relationships.

Here’s what Zeller Terminal can do for your business.


Accept tapped, dipped, and swiped card payments, mobile wallets, and over-the-phone payments.

Top 10 features of Zeller Terminal

1. Save your business money

When you rent a terminal from another merchant services provider, you’re simply paying for the privilege of using the terminal; you’ll typically be left empty-handed when the contract ends. Zeller Terminal is yours to own outright for one low payment of $259, which means no monthly terminal rental fees. 

Another way Zeller Terminal saves your business money is through offering one flat fee for all in-person payments — the lowest processing fee on the market.

Zeller Terminal accepts every in-person card payment for one low fee of 1.4%.

Transactions processed over the phone incur a fee of 1.7%, which is reflective of the additional security measures required to keep your business safe.

There are no hidden charges or fees with Zeller – you won’t find any nasty surprises in your merchant statement

Not sure what you’re currently paying? Our Sales team can help you navigate your existing contract. Contact them today and see if we can’t beat your current rate.  Or, simply sign yourself up in minutes – no trip to the bank necessary.

Maximise your sales with Zeller EFTPOS Terminal.

2. Accept every payment

Zeller Terminal gives your customers the option to pay however is most convenient for them. To make payment, a customer can:

  • tap their smartphone, watch, or other NFC-enabled device to the terminal 
  • tap their contactless debit and credit cards to the terminal
  • insert a chip card into Zeller Terminal and, if needed, securely enter their PIN 
  • swipe their card on Zeller Terminal and enter their PIN, or sign directly on the screen
  • call you and read their card details over the phone  

Soon, your customers will also be able to scan a QR code with the terminal’s built-in scanner to pay via Alipay, ZipPay and WeChat Pay. For businesses currently operating on a cash-only basis, Zeller Terminal provides an affordable option to serve more customers and take payment the way they want.


NFC transactions are quick and convenient, meaning a higher customer turnover for you — and a better experience for your customers.

3. Customise your receipts

With Zeller Terminal, you have the ability to customise both the form and content of your receipts. Zeller Terminal can print paper receipts, or send receipts via email and SMS.

You’ve also got the option of customising the content of your receipt for a bit of subliminal marketing. Add your business logo, website and social media handles (including a direct link on digital receipts), as well as a thank you message. You can even add information about how to request a refund, minimising the likelihood of chargebacks


Give your customers the choice: print receipts, or send electronically via email or SMS.

4. Manage and customise surcharging 

With Zeller Terminal, the cost of acceptance is already low. However, that doesn’t mean your business has to pay the price. This is especially important for business just starting out; processing fees can eat into slim profit margins. 

For merchants who want to pass the cost of this onto customers, Zeller enables you to manage surcharges and fees to recover the cost of card acceptance with the toggle of a switch. The choice is yours:

  • enable automatic surcharging and your Zeller Terminal will apply a surcharge to the total to recoup the total transaction fee, every time
  • set a custom surcharge and Zeller Terminal will add a percentage-based surcharge of your choosing.  

5. Take payment on the go

Payment doesn’t always happen at a counter. Diners expect to be able to pay at the table, restaurants spill into outdoor areas, retailers hold warehouse sales, and some businesses take payment from the sidewalk.

If you run a mobile beauty business or provide a trade service, for example, taking payment as soon as the job is complete also increases your chances of being paid on time. Instead of heading back to the office to send an invoice, and then follow up until it’s paid, you can immediately take payment with Zeller Terminal. 

Your EFTPOS Terminal should support you to take payment wherever you need. To reflect the realities of modern business, Zeller terminals are cordless EFTPOS machines that can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi and SIM card. With a battery life that lasts all day, Zeller Terminal gives you peace of mind knowing you’ll never miss out on crucial transactions.


Zeller Terminal enables you to get paid as soon as the job is done — say goodbye to chasing late payments.

6. Easily process refunds

Zeller Terminal supports both complete and partial refunds – and you, as a business owner, have the ability to restrict who can provide a customer with a refund. It’s an added level of protection for your business. 

Refunding a payment doesn’t cost your business anything; Zeller doesn’t charge any additional fees for refunding a customer. 

7. Get real-time insights

Track key metrics from your Zeller Terminal in your own Zeller Dashboard. By providing powerful real-time data and a searchable transaction history, we equip you with the tools you need to better manage cash flow, identify opportunities to save money, and recognise any potential problems as they arise. 

With most payment services providers, daily transaction information is unavailable until totals are tallied up at close of business — and important business information can only be found in a monthly merchant services statement.  

At Zeller, we believe in arming our merchants with as much information as possible so smart business decisions can be made quickly. Having the ability to see how your business is performing at a glance enables you to quickly understand your short-term cash flow, progress sales targets to meet (and outperform) business objectives, and ultimately make smarter business decisions.

8. Store, manage and view contact information

Zeller also helps grow your business by giving you the tools to building more meaningful relationships with contacts who pay you, and contacts who you pay.

Zeller Contact Directory, a free contact management tool for all Zeller merchants, is a place to store business and personal details — giving you one place to see every EFTPOS payment, transaction and account transfer processed with an individual or another business. Armed with that information, you are able to better understand your business and the customers who shop with you, as well as get valuable insights about your own business spending.  

9. Control the fleet

If your business operates across multiple locations, you need an easy way to manage your EFTPOS payment terminals. Every one of your Zeller Terminals can be controlled from your Zeller account, ensuring consistency across your entire operation.

Update your staff permissions, enable and disable surcharging, update the information on your receipts, and more from one easy, online location.  

10. Accept tips from customers

Zeller Terminal makes it easy for customers to leave a tip. This is particularly useful for hospitality businesses — you don’t have to enable the feature, but the functionality is there. 

You can configure your Zeller Terminal to provide a range of tipping options, either prompting a customer to leave a tip calculated on a percentage of their purchase or allowing them to enter a custom amount. This is a proven tactic, designed to grow tips for your business. 

Plus protection your business

Zeller uses end-to-end encryption and industry best practices to protect transactions from the time they are taken at the terminal to the time your money is received. Whether you choose to use an open or secured Wi-Fi connection or a mobile broadband-based connection, all the information Zeller processes is encrypted to our servers.

Our team adheres to industry best practices in cybersecurity and threat management, constantly monitoring transactions for suspicious activity and blocking fraudulent transactions. When payment disputes occur, our team of experts deals with the bank for you, helping you avoid costly chargebacks.

We’re always looking ahead

Our team of developers are hard at work, continuously building new functionality to give your business an edge. That's why, when you sign up for Zeller, there are no lock-in contracts or commitments. We know you’ll love our solution enough to never want to leave. 

Learn more about how Zeller Terminal can help your business grow by accepting every card payment, quickly and securely, for one low rate.

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