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Spend Smarter with the New Zeller Debit Card



Spend Smarter with the New Zeller Debit Card

Meet your powerful new business Debit Card.

Without fast access to your takings, business cash flow can stagnate. Having the ability to make purchases and spend funds when you need to is critical to keeping the operational wheels of your business moving. 

When you sign up free for Zeller, you get a free Zeller Debit Card as well as real-time transaction tracking — simplifying bookkeeping, and making expense management a much easier task.

Keep reading to discover how it works.

The fastest way to access your funds

Zeller offers a full suite of products to support all of your business’ financial needs. 

Using your Zeller Terminal in conjunction with your Zeller Transaction Account and Zeller Debit Card is the quickest way to get access to your takings — speeding up cash flow so you can purchase stock and pay bills and suppliers fast. Or, spend other funds settled to your Zeller Transaction Account from invoices paid to streamline your business spending.

Funds accepted via Zeller Terminal are settled to your Zeller Transaction Account nightly, 365 days a year, and then instantly available to spend with your Zeller Debit Card.

Transform your business spending with a free Zeller Debit Card.

Features of your new business Debit Card

Zeller Debit Card is the powerful new spending card linked to your Zeller Transaction Account, replacing the Zeller Mastercard. There are plenty of new features and tools you can utilise to streamline your business spending, manage expenses, make it easier for staff to make purchases on your behalf, and much more.

The new Zeller Debit Card can be used in conjunction with your Transaction Accounts as a standalone replacement to your traditional business bank. It’s one of a number of new and improved products that mark Zeller’s shift to become a full-service financial services provider.

Fast setup

Your Zeller Debit Card will be shipped to you, fast and free, when you sign up for Zeller. There’s no paperwork, or need to visit a bank branch. Signing up takes just a few minutes online.

You can also order additional Zeller Debit Cards and issue them to your employees so they can make business purchases in-store and online. 

Create and assign virtual cards

With Zeller, you can create virtual cards in seconds. Rather than wait for a physical card to arrive in the mail, simply log in to Zeller Dashboard, create a new virtual card instantly, then add it to your mobile wallet.


Make purchases in-store and online

Use your Zeller Debit Card to make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted — whether that's in-store or online.

You can even attach invoices, receipts or notes to transactions made, to help streamline reconciliation and bookkeeping — and get a clearer understanding of every business expense. 

Track who you’re spending money with

Tracking purchases made by staff is simple, with up-to-the-minute transaction lists available in both Zeller Dashboard and Zeller App (coming soon). Plus, Zeller Debit Card works hand in hand with Zeller Contact Directory, Zeller’s in-built contact management system. Purchases made using Zeller Debit Card will appear in transaction lists, complete with information about the business where the purchase was made. 

This functionality empowers you to track where your money is being spent, and better understand the business you spend with.

Streamline reconciliation

Budgeting is something every business owner must have a handle on. Zeller makes reconciliation simple by enabling you to leave notes and attach receipts to transactions, so you know the context behind each purchase.

Information about the purchases made using your Zeller Debit Card can also be pushed to your Xero organisation via up-to-the-minute Xero Bank Feeds to simplify your bookkeeping and expense management, making tax time that much easier.

Add to your mobile wallet

With the new Zeller Debit Card, you can leave your wallet at home and make purchases with a tap of your mobile device. When Zeller App launches, Android users will be able to add Zeller Debit Card to their digital wallet. Functionality enabling iOS users to do the same is coming soon.

Remote card management

If you (or your staff) ever lose or misplace a card, simply lock it from Zeller Dashboard or Zeller App (coming soon). Placing a lock on your Zeller Debit Card will instantly prevent it from being used. Once found, the lock can also be removed by you — there’s no need to speak to our Support team, yet we’re always on hand to help if you need. 

No strings attached

Zeller Debit Card is free for businesses to use — with unlimited purchases, no monthly account fees, no paperwork or need to visit a bank, and no lock-in contracts. It’s the optimal solution for growing businesses wanting to streamline spending without the hassle.

Earn cashback rewards

When you spend with Zeller Debit Card, you’ll receive regular rewards and cashback benefits from your favourite suppliers, restaurants and retailers, exclusive to card holders.

Simplify your business spending today

Sign up for your free Zeller Debit Card online and we’ll ship it to you, fast and free. Then, activate your card and begin spending in minutes.

Or, purchase your Zeller Terminal Kit — complete with Zeller Terminal, Zeller Debit Card and Zeller Transaction Account — so you can process in-person and over-the-phone payments seamlessly and securely.