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Our response to the war in Ukraine

27 February 2022

It’s devastating for all of us at Zeller to watch war unfold in Ukraine. Whilst it feels almost futile for an Australian company to stand behind the people of Ukraine from halfway around the world, history shows that doing nothing is an unacceptable position.

Zeller is proud that some of our earliest team members are from Ukraine, who work passionately alongside their Australian colleagues every day. Although they are a small team, they are incredibly talented and work tirelessly to help build Zeller. Our primary concern is their safety and wellbeing.

We retain regular dialogue with our Ukrainian colleagues and while they are safe today, we acknowledge that this situation can evolve rapidly. With some team members fleeing with their children, and others contemplating the impossible thought of bearing arms to protect themselves, we stand in complete solidarity against Russia’s unacceptable act of aggression.

From the outset of the invasion, we have found ways to support our Ukrainian team members — it’s our obligation to ensure that wherever our people live, we support them and their families through such catastrophic times. All Zeller team members based in the Ukraine are continuing to be paid in full, regardless of their ability to work, for however long this conflict continues.

All of us at Zeller will continue to do everything we can to support our Ukrainian colleagues, their families, and the community at large, and hope that this conflict is resolved soon. We encourage all Australian companies to do everything they can to voice their opposition to this war — silence is not an option.

Team Zeller