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What’s New: Discover More Financial Solutions From Zeller



What’s New: Discover More Financial Solutions From Zeller

Read on to discover our latest products, newest features, and enhanced capabilities, all designed to help you streamline your business finances. 

It’s been a busy few months at Zeller, as we’re building financial products to improve the daily lives of Australian business operators and financial decision-makers. 

We recently launched the new, enhanced Zeller Transaction Account and Debit Card; two standalone financial solutions designed to replace your outdated business bank. We haven’t stopped there. Behind the scenes, our team has been working hard to develop new products and solutions that enable you to:

  • create and send free, unlimited invoices that get you paid faster with Zeller Invoices
  • manage your business finances from anywhere with Zeller App
  • ensure reliable EFTPOS connectivity with enhanced Wi-Fi management controls built into Zeller Terminal
  • better manage your existing or new point-of-sale (POS) integrations

Here’s a wrap-up with all the details you need to ensure you’re benefiting from the latest and greatest products and features available now in your Zeller Account.

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Create and send free online invoices in seconds

Taking control of your invoicing can be a daunting task, but Zeller Invoices makes it easy. In a few simple steps, you can create, issue and manage invoices whether it be for events, jobs, consultations, wholesale orders, and anything in between. 

Businesses are using Zeller Invoices to keep their invoicing organised, track and accelerate invoice payments, and better understand customer and vendor relationships by linking invoices to contacts with Zeller Contact Directory

Zeller Invoices enables you to:
  • create an online invoice in seconds
  • accept invoice payments online with Zeller’s new, secure online payment gateway
  • streamline invoice creation with item management
  • automate reminders to nudge customers to make payment
  • track payment status by invoice and contact
  • personalise your invoices by adding a custom message or business logo

Zeller Invoices is available today in your Zeller Dashboard, or sign up free to learn how Zeller Invoices can streamline your online invoicing.

Manage business finances from your smart device

When it comes to business finances, Zeller gives you the tools to make managing your money easier. We know how important it is to be able to manage your business wherever you are, and that’s why we’ve launched the new Zeller App — one app to manage all of your business finances, including accounts and cards, EFTPOS and invoices, real-time reporting and more. 

In the Zeller App, you can:

  • create new Transaction Accounts, and see real-time account balances across your entire Zeller portfolio
  • issue Debit Cards, manage card access and security, review transaction details and see balances and spending across every card 
  • see transactions, payments, settlements, and invoices across every business location, account or card
  • add notes and attach photos to transactions for faster reconciliation
  • manage team spending and track expenses

The Zeller App is available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and is free to download in the Apple App store or Google Play store.


Manage your Zeller Terminal connectivity 

With more businesses using Zeller Terminal in a variety of trading scenarios — from selling with an integrated point-of-sale across a multi-level venue, to accepting payments at the end of a job while they’re on the road, reliable connectivity is an essential part of the Zeller EFTPOS solution. We’ve enhanced connectivity management with new functionality within Zeller Terminal. 

Wi-Fi details screen

If your Zeller Terminal moves across different venues, or your business Wi-Fi performance is unstable, the Wi-Fi details screen on Zeller Terminal has been updated to now give you greater visibility over whether network connectivity will impact your ability to accept card payments. 

The new Wi-Fi details screen will show your current network signal strength, and will also indicate when your Zeller Terminal is trying to connect to a network with low signal strength — so you can make an immediate decision about checking your business Wi-Fi network, or switching on your Zeller SIM Card for reliable backup connectivity. 

Forget a Wi-Fi network

When your business goes through the process of upgrading your Wi-Fi network, you can now easily forget your old network connection from the Wi-Fi details screen on Zeller Terminal. Simply tap the “Forget this Network” button and the network will be forgotten.

If you would like to learn more about Wi-Fi connectivity and Zeller Terminal, visit the Zeller Support Centre.


Streamlining your point-of-sale checkout

To make your point-of-sale (POS) and Zeller Terminal integration even smoother, we’ve made additional improvements to the checkout flow on Zeller Terminal. When your POS-integrated Zeller Terminal reaches the “approved” screen, we’ve removed the “new sale” button. This means that your paired POS will completely drive your Zeller Terminal checkout flow, and make the transaction speed even faster for your customers. 

If you’ve not yet integrated your preferred POS with Zeller Terminal, discover all of our 600+ integrations in the Zeller Partner Hub.

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