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5 Simple Ways Zeller Keeps More Money in Your Business



5 Simple Ways Zeller Keeps More Money in Your Business

Looking for ways to save money in your business? Here are five.

The primary purpose of any EFTPOS machine is to enable customers to pay for products or services safely and securely. However, operating a business is expensive and accepting cards and other cashless forms of currency comes at a cost. 

Zeller was established to help Australian businesses grow, so it makes sense that together, Zeller Terminal, Zeller Transaction Account, and Zeller Debit Card can save you money.  

Here are five of the ways Zeller helps keep more money in your business.

1. One low, flat fee

Transaction charges are an expense a business incurs each time an electronic payment is processed. Depending on your payment services provider, these fees can vary widely — making it difficult to anticipate what charges you'll be up for at the end of the month.

Zeller processes every tapped, dipped and swiped transaction (including AMEX) for one low rate of 1.4%.  

Quinton Evens, owner of White Lily Couture, recently made the switch to Zeller. 

“It started with thinking, how we can use our cash smarter? We looked at other banks and terminal options, but they couldn’t beat our current rate," he says.

"When we calculated how much we were paying versus how much we could save with Zeller, it was a no-brainer. Saving $10,000 a year on transaction fees is insane." 

2. Automatic surcharging for zero cost EFTPOS

Surcharging is a part of modern-day life, and an easy way to recoup your cost of acceptance from customers who choose to use cashless forms of payment. The number of customers who carry cash is dwindling, meaning most sales these days come at a small cost — which you can pass on to the customer as a surcharge. 

For every purchase made with a card or device that is tapped, dipped or swiped to Zeller Terminal, the transaction cost is just 1.4%. As a merchant, you are legally able to pass your cost of acceptance on to your customers – giving you fee-free EFTPOS

Some EFTPOS providers charge merchants an additional fee to switch surcharging functionality on, and make the switch irreversible. This effectively forces merchants to make a definitive decision for their business, one way or the other, and financially commit to it. But how do you know if surcharging is right for your business, and your customers? 

Zeller Terminal’s surcharging functionality can easily be toggled on from Zeller Dashboard. You can even customise your surcharge amount. With surcharging enabled, your Zeller Terminal will automatically apply a surcharge to every transaction total, after your customer's card is presented, but prior to any card verification and transaction authorisation steps (such as PIN entry or signature). If you decide surcharging is not for you, simply toggle the functionality off.


Considering implementing a surcharge at your business? Read our article first to determine if it’s right for your business and your customers, or if there’s another way you can recoup the cost of transactions.

2. Fast settlement

For many merchants, the reality is that funds accepted via their EFTPOS machine aren’t cleared for one or two business days. That means that any payments accepted at the end of the week are often not available to be spent until Tuesday or Wednesday, the following week. 

The faster you can access your funds, the faster you can put them to work — paying staff, ordering supplies, and investing in your business. That’s why, when you accept funds via Zeller Terminal and have them settled in to your free Zeller Transaction Account, you are able to use your Zeller Debit Card to spend the funds the very next day.

3. Easy tipping

Tipping may not be an ingrained part of Australian culture, but by not offering it you’re removing the opportunity for customers to reward your staff for their efforts. You could be costing your business — especially if you have a large tourist clientele. 

Some EFTPOS terminals will prompt customers to leave a percentage-based tip, or to key in a specific amount. With Zeller, you have the option to do both, one or the other, or neither. 

Why not enable Zeller’s tipping functionality, and leave it to the customer to decide whether they want to tip or not?

Zeller Terminal enables you to prompt your customers to leave a dip during the transaction flow. This is particularly handy for hospitality-based businesses, however, these days many Australians are also tipping for services rendered. So, how much should you prompt customers to tip? Some sources say 10% is typical. Others say $5 per person, or more if dining at a high-end restaurant. 

With tipping enabled, Zeller Terminal can prompt your customer to either enter a numerical figure or select a percentage-based tip. You can even customise the percentage-based tip amounts – say, 5%, 10% and 20%.


4. Transaction visibility

In order to appropriately manage your cash flow and identify any opportunities to save costs, you need visibility over your transactions. 

Any time you have the Zeller Terminal in hand, you can scroll through a chronological list of transactions. Instead of manually counting a cash draw or reconciling your paper receipts, simply tap Transactions from the Navigation menu and a list of transactions will appear. 

Knowing the state of your takings at any point in time is important. If you operate a food truck, for example, you might have a specific target to meet. With an hour to go until closing time, wouldn’t it be handy to know you only have $150 in transactions to go until you hit your goal for the day? 

Armed with that knowledge, you might decide to combine some of your items into a special — meaning less food wastage, and a strong end to the day. 

5. Fee-free business Debit Card

Spend the funds settled into your Zeller Transaction Account using the Zeller Debit Card, and you won’t pay any fees for domestic purchases. There’s no annual card fee, either. You can use it both in person and online.

We offer this to provide you more affordable business spending.


Funds accepted through a Zeller Terminal will be swept into a Zeller Transaction Account overnight, and available for you to spend using your Zeller Debit Card the next business day. You are, however, able to settle funds to an external third-party bank account instead. 

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