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Protect your business from rising costs. Switch to zero-cost EFTPOS. Learn more

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Win! Get invoices paid with Zeller, win $1,000. Ends 15 May. Terms apply. Learn more

What's New at Zeller this April



What's New at Zeller this April

Whether you’re receiving funds, or transferring them, this month, we’ve made it easier for you to see exactly where your money is. Plus hospitality businesses can rejoice with a new POS integration, and updates to Zeller Corporate Cards have made managing expenses even simpler.

From increasing transparency within your Zeller Account to partnering with one of the biggest POS providers in the world: our latest updates have been developed thanks to direct feedback from you. Newly added payment and security notifications will help you track the movement of your finances, and the transfer screen in your Zeller Dashboard will now display more information before and after you finalise a transfer.

Since the launch of Zeller Corporate Cards in December, thousands of merchants have started managing their business expenses with this easy-to-use solution. This month we launched Corporate Cards in Zeller App and made reconciling your expenses easier. Plus, you can now customise your account names with emojis. Read on for more!

1. Stay notified on payment and security updates.

To help you stay abreast of what’s happening in your Zeller Account, we’ve added additional payment updates to the notification centre. You will now be notified via email and push notification about critical transactional activities such as when an invoice has been paid online with Zeller via Zeller Invoices. If you’ve created a Zeller Virtual Terminal payment link for a customer and sent it via email, you will be notified when you've been paid or if there was an issue in delivering it to the recipient. Once notified you can quickly take action to create a new link.

To keep your account extra safe, you’ll also be notified of any important security updates such as site PIN changes. Navigate to your notifications centre to find security alerts such as new device logins, modifications to user permissions, password, or contact detail changes, and more. We’ll also be sending you a notification every time we publish a What’s New article to the Zeller Business Blog – so you can stay on top of all our feature updates!


2. Transform your restaurant's payment process with Oracle Simphony POS and Zeller.

This month we launched Zeller’s integration with Oracle Simphony POS. With this new integration, restaurateurs can be more efficient than ever and leave manual processes behind. The Oracle Simphony POS partnership comes with some nifty features to uplift convenience to your customers and staff: 

  • Transactions can be pushed directly to Zeller Terminal without the need to key in the total. 
  • Refunds will be automatically processed back to the original payment card without the customer having to present it again. The refund will also be reflected in Oracle Simphony’s reporting as well as Zeller’s refund transaction record, with the unique transaction ID visible on both reports for streamlined reconciliation.
  • Customers can easily split bills without compromising efficiency at checkout. Split payments are triggered from the Simphony POS system after which they are automatically pushed to Zeller Terminal where customers can pay their share. Read more here.

3. See more information when you transfer funds. 

Whether you run a market stall or work with tradespeople, making bank transfers is a vital part of paying your staff or suppliers. So, we’ve enhanced our transfer feature to display a summary of the transfer. For example, if you’re making a transfer to your painter after a reno job, you can now view which account you’re making the transfer from, who you’re making the transfer to (including account name and bank details), the amount you’re transferring, a description, and a reference. Once you’ve finalised your transfer, you can view important information such as amount transferred, date and time, which account the transfer was made from, and recipient information. You can screenshot this and send it across to your painter for proof of transfer. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming features on remittance receipts!


4. Reconcile expenses from Zeller Corporate Cards faster.

Using a Zeller Corporate Card across projects, teams, or locations is a great way to keep track of all your expenses. You can stay organised by uploading receipts into transactions for easier reconciliation. You may find a purchase often comes with multiple receipts, for example, if you’re purchasing gift cards for employee of the month, you’ll be given a transaction receipt and a tax invoice. The finance department needs both of these documents to reconcile the purchase. We’ve enabled the ability to upload multiple receipts and provide the finance team with legitimate proof of purchase.


5. Create Zeller Corporate Cards on the go from Zeller App.

Creating an expense card just got even easier! You can now issue Zeller Corporate Cards from your smartphone with Zeller App. Whether you’re operating a team of tradespeople on a new build site, or taking your VIP clients out for lunch or coffee, having the ability to manage corporate cards directly from your mobile gives you the flexibility to manage your business while you’re on the go.

To add a new corporate card from Zeller App, navigate to cards, click ‘add’ and select ‘create new card’, and select ‘Corporate Card’ under card type. From here, you can assign cards to staff members, choose which transaction account you would like to link the cards to, and choose between virtual or physical cards with 4 colour options. Additionally, you can set  nicknames for cards to keep track and differentiate your spending based on what you’re working on, for example, ‘Melbourne Conference 2024’ or ‘Preston Bakery Expansion Project’. From the app, you can now also set spend controls by automating daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly budget reset periods, and assign maximum transaction limits.

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6. Differentiate your accounts with emojis.

Give your projects and accounts some personality, by adding an emoji to the account name to easily differentiate between what you’re currently working on and what you’re saving for.


Keen to see a feature that’s not currently available?

At Zeller, we take feedback very seriously. Each piece of feedback we receive from you is reviewed by our product team and incorporated into their roadmap to ensure the most-requested features are built quickly. If there’s something you want to see in your Zeller Account, we want to know about it. Help shape the Zeller experience by sending your ideas or requests to and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon. 

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