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Oracle and Zeller Team Up to Power Restaurant Payments



Oracle and Zeller Team Up to Power Restaurant Payments

Australia’s favourite payments provider, Zeller, and the global leader in restaurant POS systems, Oracle, have come together to provide restaurateurs with a complete solution for managing orders and securely taking payments at speed.

For food and beverage venues across the country, this new integration that connects Zeller Terminal with Oracle’s Simphony POS, will come as welcome news. Until now, Australian businesses using Oracle’s Simphony POS have been hamstrung by the outdated technology provided by a limited number of payment providers that integrated with it. Now, businesses from local cafés to global quick-service chains can benefit from Zeller’s advanced EFTPOS solution. Read on to discover how this integration will revolutionise your hospitality operations.


Integrate quickly and simply.

Pairing Zeller Terminal with Oracle Simphony POS is straightforward and can be done remotely via Zeller Dashboard. Being able to configure the pairing remotely is especially helpful for chains with multiple venues as there is no need to be on site to complete the set up. Terminals can be swapped in and out of different locations by retail or operations staff as required, and paired to the POS directly from the device itself (or from the dashboard) without escalation

Move queues faster with integrated payments.

When Zeller Terminal and Oracle Simphony POS are integrated, there’s no need to manually key in the transaction total, your staff will instead be able to automatically push the balance to the EFTPOS machine, improving speed of service by reducing wait times. 

Zeller Terminal

Offer a branded experience with custom screensavers. 

For multi-venue restaurants in particular, maintaining a consistent brand experience across locations is essential. Zeller Terminal lets you extend this experience to the payment process with a screensaver feature that allows you to upload a custom image to the large screen display. From promoting a new meal deal on-screen to inviting customers to sign up to a competition with a QR code – there are endless creative ways to use this feature.

Custom screensaver on Zeller Terminal

Simplify the refund process for your staff. 

If a customer requests a refund, your staff simply need to find the relevant transaction from the transaction record on your Oracle Simphony POS workstation and initiate the refund. The funds will be returned back to the card that originally processed the transaction, without the customer having to present it again. The refund will also be reflected in Oracle Simphony’s reporting as well as a Zeller’s refund transaction record, with the unique transaction ID visible on both reports for streamlined reconciliation.

Never miss a sale with Wi-Fi, SIM and Ethernet connectivity.

Zeller Terminal can be connected via Wi-Fi, SIM Card or a local area network with an Ethernet dock to ensure your machines always maintain fast, reliable connectivity. What’s more, the terminal and the POS don’t need to be on the same network to function, which saves time and hassle if networks are whitelisted: the POS can be hardwired with Ethernet and the terminal can be on Ethernet with Wi-Fi or SIM backup for example.

Grow your tips. 

If enabled, your customers will be prompted to leave a tip before paying for their meal on Zeller Terminal. Whether they choose to add a custom value or a percentage, the updated value will be pushed back to the Oracle Simphony POS, ensuring your reporting is always accurate. Zeller’s tipping functionality can be toggled on or off at any time, from the dashboard or the Terminal.

Tipping on Zeller Terminal

Combine EFTPOS receipts and tax invoices into one docket. 

Give your customers a faster, more seamless experience with a combined tax invoice and EFTPOS receipt. When the card payment is processed on Zeller Terminal, the transaction details are automatically pushed to your Oracle Simphony POS workstation which prints one combined docket, streamlining the checkout process. The unique transaction ID will also be recorded in both Zeller Dashboard, and your Oracle Simphony POS reports, to ensure easy reconciliation for finance and operations teams.

Give your customers more flexibility with split payments.

We know convenience is important to your customers, which is why the Zeller x Oracle Simphony integration lets you split bills, without compromising the efficiency of the checkout process. Split payments simply need to be triggered from the POS system after which they are automatically pushed to Zeller Terminal where customers can pay their share. 

Pay zero transaction fees with surcharging. 

With Zeller Terminal, transaction fees can be passed onto the customer either fully or partially, through surcharging. The sales total will be recalculated and pushed back to the Oracle Simphony POS, to ensure your reports are consistent. Surcharging can also be toggled on or off at any time, from Zeller Dashboard or the Terminal. Additionally, with no monthly rental fees, Zeller Terminal is a more affordable and scalable EFTPOS solution for large chain restaurants.

Enjoy local support.

Zeller is an Australian-based company, and our merchants benefit from support from our customer success team every weekday, from 9am to 1am AET. Whether you prefer to call, email or SMS, our team is always on hand to help. 


Optimise your restaurant payments with Zeller and Oracle Simphony

If you’re looking to deliver an exceptional experience to your diners, efficiency is key. Whether you’re running a quick-service chain or a full-service restaurant, Oracle Simphony POS and Zeller’s combined solution is built with features to ensure you can optimise the ordering and payment experience for both staff and customers. 

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