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Three Ways to Boost Your Brand with Zeller



Three Ways to Boost Your Brand with Zeller

From promoting an offer on the screen of Zeller Terminal to adding a QR code onto your receipts, or customising the colour of your invoices: Zeller ensures your brand is central to the payment process.

When we think of brands, naturally some of the most prominent come to mind: Nike, Ikea, McDonalds. However, a strong brand doesn’t necessarily mean a big one. Small businesses are able to derive just as much benefit from a recognisable brand identity as major international companies, it’s all a question of scale. The beauty of building your brand as a small business is that you don’t have to go to huge lengths to achieve it, you just have to be consistent. Emphasising your brand at every customer touch point – whether it’s a simple logo printed on your napkins or the colour of your bathrooms – can leave a lasting impression. In this article, we offer you three innovative ways to integrate your brand into the payment process to engage customers with your business right until they finalise their transaction.

1. Add a Custom Screensaver to Zeller Terminal.

Even when Zeller Terminal goes to sleep, it keeps working for your business. Thanks to this new update, you can now set a custom screensaver that will appear on your Terminal screen when it’s not in use. While customers wait for you to scan their items or pull up their order on your point-of-sale, it is the perfect opportunity for you to engage them with your brand. 

Whether you’ve got a new offer to promote, need to remind customers to place their Christmas orders, or want to highlight a new product or item on the menu: the large, digital screen on Zeller Terminal is the perfect place to do it. Any image can be uploaded, as long as it is sized correctly (320 x 496 px). By incorporating a QR code into the image you can invite customers to sign up to a newsletter, referral program, or competition. This is a great way of bolstering your mailing list with people you know have already interacted with your business.

However you choose to use Custom Screensavers on Zeller Terminal, it’s a great way to maintain brand consistency throughout your premises. When you upload a screensaver via Zeller Dashboard, there’s no need to update each Terminal individually, it will automatically update to all the Terminals operating within the site you have selected. By featuring your logo, as well as colours and fonts consistent with your style, a slogan or key message; you will emphasise your brand identity just before your customers walk out the door. 

To upload a Custom Screensaver: 

  1. Open the Zeller Dashboard and navigate to Sites
  2. Locate and click the site to see its settings
  3. Click the Appearance tab
  4. Upload your logo
  5. Select a background colour (Zeller will automatically recommend some colours based on your logo)
  6. Click Save
  7. All Zeller Terminals within the site will display the image when in sleep mode
Custom screensaver on Zeller Terminal

2. Use receipts to engage your customers

Whether they’re printed or sent digitally as an email or SMS, receipts can be used in clever ways to help drive return business or help your customers connect with you. With Zeller, you can add a custom image at the top of the receipt, where a simple logo and/or QR code will catch people’s eye. Below this, you can add in your business details, so your customers know how to contact you, as well as your social media handles. In the case of digital receipts – these are live links that will take customers directly to your social profiles. There are two spaces, above and below the purchase details where you can add a message of 500 characters or less. You could include a brief history of your business, details of a competition you’re running, or a message or slogan that aligns with your brand. Much more than a simple proof of purchase, receipts are an innovative marketing tool that can be leveraged to instil your brand messaging.

Zeller custom receipts

3. Align your invoices to your brand identity

You don’t necessarily need a shop front to create a strong brand. Having a clear, identifiable web presence will set you apart from your competitors, and ensure your business is the first that comes to mind when your service is required. Or even when it’s not! Your online presence doesn’t end at your website. Every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to remind them of your brand, and invoices are no exception. Zeller Invoices provides you with the best of both worlds: the ability to create and send invoices quickly, but also the flexibility to customise them to align with your brand. With different colours and layouts to choose from, space for your logo and a custom message, your clients will be able to instantly recognise your business and your service. Not only does this make it easier (and therefore faster) for your clients to pay you, but they’ll associate the service with your brand, and are much more likely to return to you next time.

Zeller custom invoice templates

Bringing your brand to life across the payment process is just one of the many ways Zeller lets you tailor your financial solution. With many different ways to take payments, make payments and manage your money, Zeller’s tools are designed with the flexibility and versatility to adapt to your business. Find out for yourself by signing up for a free Zeller Account today or by contacting our Sales Team to learn how Zeller could be a great fit for your business, and your brand.

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