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How to Use Zeller Receipts as a Marketing Tool



How to Use Zeller Receipts as a Marketing Tool

A receipt is the perfect place to further promote your business.

Searching for an affordable way to increase sales and encourage repeat business? Look no further than your receipt. In the past, a receipt was simply physical proof of purchase. With Zeller Terminal, your receipts become another way to market to your customers — every time they transact with you. 

Not personalising your business’ receipts is a missed opportunity to take advantage of an inexpensive and highly effective marketing strategy, provided your merchant services provider allows for customisation.

Keep reading to discover five ways Zeller receipts can help strengthen your business' brand and grow sales.

1. Differentiate your business with digital receipts

While your competitors are still relying on thermal paper, you can use digital receipts to show customers that you’re one step ahead. Offering three different forms of receipt signals to customers that you value both convenience and environmentally-friendly alternatives. 

With Zeller, you can offer your customers:

  1. a print receipt
  2. an email receipt
  3. an SMS receipt

As we move to a digital-first world, customers expect a digital receipt. It’s good for your business too, as it saves you from needing to buy receipt roll. With Zeller, SMS and email receipts are free to issue. 

2. Grow your social media following

Besides its obvious advantages in reducing operational costs and paper usage, digital receipts also play an important role in driving deeper customer engagement. 

When you send a customer their Zeller receipt via SMS or email, the social media icons become hyperlinks to your pages. Chances are, the majority of your customers are on social media. If you connect with them, you have the opportunity to:

  • serve them targeted ads
  • drive clicks to your email newsletter signup form, website, or any online destination
  • upload new stock and specials to your social media pages to get more foot traffic in store
  • and much more. 

When a customer clicks the Facebook icon on their receipt, for example, they’ll be taken to your business’ Facebook page — where they can read other customer reviews, and leave their own. It’s a win-win.

3. Get your message across

Any additional touchpoint is an opportunity to grow and strengthen your relationship with your customers. On your Zeller receipt, there’s a spot to add a custom business message. Make it memorable, and your business will be ingrained in their memory. 

For Storybook Stems, a boutique floristry studio based in Mount Torrens, the custom receipt functionality provides the opportunity to create a memorable, fun experience for customers.

“I really enjoy customising the receipts around and adding jokes to them. I change it up for each market I attend, so my regular customers know it's a different joke every time they visit me,” says Louise Henderson, florist and owner of Storybook Stems.

"My customers love it. For new customers it's an unexpected little surprise, and my regulars ask if I have a new joke for them.”

"It's a simple way to add to someone's day."

You could use this space to: 

  • introduce yourself
  • write a blurb about your business
  • advertise specials
  • leave customers a holiday message
  • explain your returns policy

All receipt settings — including your custom business message — can be easily edited on Zeller Dashboard as well as Zeller Terminal, and your receipt settings will update immediately.

4. Increase brand awareness

A logo says a lot about your business. No doubt, a lot of thought went into it. Logos can be used as a marketing tool to gain exposure, create a brand image that sticks with your customers, and make an excellent first impression as a new business 

It sounds simple, but having a logo on your receipt is a highly effective subliminal marketing tool. Brand recognition is the first step towards brand loyalty. Simply put, your customers and potential customers need to recognise your brand in order to trust it and visual cues are the best way to achieve that. The human brain can process images 60,000 times faster than words. 

By adding a logo to your receipt, customers will be able to identify and distinguish your business easily from competitors. Remember, customers need to see a logo between five to seven times before they’ll recognise it. By using the same professional logo across different materials — from service quotes to invoices, social media icons, flyers, email signatures and more — you increase your chances of growing a trusting, repeat customer base that knows and trusts your brand. 

5. Help customers find you

Your customers are only getting busier. Providing them with a way to contact you or visit your website is a convenience measure they will appreciate. 

When they need to place a repeat order, or want to contact you for an update on an out-of-stock item, they don’t need to go searching. On your Zeller receipt, there’s a space for all of your most important contact details: business address, phone, and website.

Whether you’re just starting a new business or scaling up a successful operation, any opportunity to reinforce your brand in the minds of customers should be taken advantage of. With Zeller, your brand is kept front and centre at all times.

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