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What’s New at Zeller



What’s New at Zeller

Discover the latest features and tools we've delivered. 

It’s been four weeks since we officially launched Zeller, a huge milestone in our journey to reimagine business banking and help Australian merchants — like you — to speed up cash flow and keep more money in their business. 

After many months of behind-the-scenes work — surveying the current financial services landscape, investigating business owners’ needs (and gripes with the incumbents), and exploring our opportunity to improve the daily lives of Australian merchants — we launched Zeller Terminal, Zeller Transaction Account, and Zeller Mastercard on 4 May 2021.

Since then, our entire team has been humbled by the feedback received from merchants right across Australia. However, the pace of development hasn’t slowed down. We’re committed to constantly improving existing functionality and delivering new features to ensure you are getting as much from Zeller as possible. 

Here’s a wrap-up of the new features and tools we’ve delivered since our launch last month.

See transactions by card

You can now view the transactions made using your Zeller Mastercard from within the Zeller Dashboard on a card level.


This feature update is especially handy for those businesses with multiple owners or senior staff who require the ability to make payments using business funds.  You can link additional Zeller Mastercards to your Zeller account, and then see a breakdown of payments made using each card — making it easy to see who’s spent what, and reconcile your accounts at a glance.

Click here to find this information on your Zeller Dashboard. 

Always print store copy of receipts

Many of our merchants keep store copies of receipts. Instead of needing to manually request a printed store copy, as a separate step while serving a customer, you can now update your Zeller Terminal settings so that a store copy is printed for every transaction. 

Click here to jump into your Sites settings. Then, click the Site from which you would like to print receipts and select Receipt. It’s as simple as toggling the switch to Always print store copy

Updated receipt design

We’ve given you the ability to add your logo to your printed receipts, to deliver a more personalised brand experience and remind customers of their interaction with your business.


To upload your logo, click here, then select the appropriate Site, navigate to Receipts and follow the prompts. While you’re there, you can further customise your receipts to include business contact details as well as your business’s returns policy or marketing statement. 

PIN-protected refund access

Control which staff can provide a refund by requiring a four-digit code to be entered before a refund can be processed. This update is an additional level of security, safeguarding your business from unauthorised refunds. 

Visit the Support Centre for more information on restricting who can provide a refund. 

Terminal reporting improvements

We’ve given you the ability to filter the transactions accepted through your Zeller Terminal by date. Now, you can use the reporting functionality within the Zeller Dashboard to drill down on the sales figures for a particular time period. 

Next time you use the reporting functionality, try using the calendar filter.

Print terminal reports

The terminal reporting functionality within the Zeller Dashboard provides a wealth of knowledge about the funds flowing into your businesses, without requiring you to dig through reams of receipts. 

You’ve now got the ability to print out a copy of your terminal reports, and file these away for safekeeping — or bring a copy along to any business meetings. 

More control from your terminal

Zeller Terminal is designed to support you on the job, wherever it takes you. So it makes sense for you to be able to make changes to your terminal settings from the terminal itself.  

Instead of logging in to your Zeller Dashboard on your laptop, desktop or phone, you’ve now got the ability to update tax and surcharge settings, your receipts and user settings directly from your Zeller Terminal. 

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