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Zeller for Events: How to Rent an EFTPOS Machine



Zeller for Events: How to Rent an EFTPOS Machine

Accept card payments, reduce queues, and get paid fast.   

Holding an event or festival this summer? The Zeller Event Rental Program provides event organisers with access to smarter payments technology — without the lengthy paperwork. It’s on-site event payment processing, made simple. 

Designed to support the recovery of Australia's live events and entertainment industry, after being shuttered for almost two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program offers an all-in-one solution for safe and streamlined payments at events.

Keep reading to discover how to rent an EFTPOS machine for your next in-person event.

How much is EFTPOS rental?

EFTPOS rental is very affordable. When you rent a Zeller Terminal, you also receive a free Zeller Transaction Account and business Mastercard — it's the fastest way to get access to your funds. It's the perfect solution for your next live event, farmer's market, fundraiser or community event 

Contact the Zeller Events team to discuss your rental requirements, and we’ll build you a customised quote.

4 ways Zeller supports your event payment processing needs

Whether you’re selling tickets at the door, running a merchandise stall, or operating a food and beverage site, customers expect to be able to pay for their purchase quickly. With Zeller, transactions are processed in seconds — meaning you can keep queues moving. After all, long lines can prevent customers from coming back for merchandise, or another drink (or even from joining the queue in the first place). 

Plus, with Zeller Terminal you can accept Visa, Mastercard, eftpos, American Express and JCB cards, as well as mobile wallets. Having the ability to accept every payment from every customer means no one needs to wait in line, only to be sent to the nearest ATM. 

Considering renting an EFTPOS terminal? Here’s how Zeller makes accepting payments at your event as simple as possible. 

Speed to get set up

Any event organiser or stall-holder that has gone through the process of getting set up to accept digital payments into a business bank account will understand the frustrations — from long lines at the bank, to waiting in phone queues and often being forced to use outdated technology, such as fax machines, for identification processes. This can take weeks, eating into valuable time that could be spent planning your event. 

Instead of taking days or weeks to get set up, merchants can sign up for Zeller in minutes, and most businesses can begin accepting payment immediately. If you’ve got an event coming up, Zeller takes the stress of getting set up to accept payments away so you can focus on more important things — like marketing your event, and planning how to implement COVID-safe measures. 

A positive payment experience for attendees

No matter what type of event you are running, attendees value speed and convenience. They expect the transaction to be fast — whether they’re paying with a credit or debit card, their phone, smartwatch or other wearable device. 


Zeller offers a safe and streamlined attendee experience with fast, secure, and reliable payment solutions integrated across your entire site. Zeller Terminal connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, and SIM card — safeguarding your business against unforeseeable events, such as a service interruption, or the internet speed issues that often plague large-scale events. And, because it’s wireless, you can accept payment from wherever is convenient across your site.   

Remove friction at checkout, and customers are more likely to come back and purchase again. It’s critical that you’re able to provide a positive, frictionless payment experience. 

Low transaction fees and simple surcharging

The in-person events industry has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. Now that events are back on track, event organisers are faced with the added expense of making a venue COVID-safe and enforcing social distancing measures. 

When it comes to choosing an EFTPOS payment terminal, one of the most costly (and common) mistakes merchants make is misunderstanding transaction fees. Every time your business processes a cashless transaction, you are charged a small fee to cover the checks and balances that must occur in order to safely move funds from a customer’s bank account into your own. Often, these fees will vary based on the type of card a customer chooses to use — making it difficult to forecast and account for processing costs.

With Zeller, you pay one low rate for every transaction processed through Zeller Terminal. Each tapped, dipped or swiped payment costs just 1.4 percent, including American Express transactions. As well as that, Zeller makes it easy for you to pass that cost — either as a whole or in part — onto your event attendees as a surcharge. Having the ability to set a custom surcharge means you can choose what suits your event, and your attendees.   

Fast access to your takings

Speed of settlement can have a big impact on your cash flow. After your event is over, there will be invoices to pay: alcohol distributors, furniture suppliers, and the rest. Plus your bar, security and support staff will all need paying. Depending on which payment services provider you choose, you could access your takings the same day — or you could be waiting upwards of three business days. 

Fast settlements are one way Zeller helps keep more money in your business. When payment is accepted via Zeller Terminal, funds are settled to your Zeller Transaction Account that same day. Or, funds can be swept to any other bank account and settled the next business day.

Ready to get started with Zeller?

How to rent Zeller Terminal for your event

Every Zeller Terminal rental kit comes with a Zeller EFTPOS payment terminal, a Zeller SIM Card, a Zeller Charging Dock, and a roll of receipt paper — everything you need to accept payments at your event.

Some the events Zeller supports include:

  • farmers' markets
  • community events
  • food and beverage tastings
  • cultural events
  • seasonal pop-ups
  • fundraisers and galas
  • sporting events
  • conventions and trade shows
  • music festivals
  • arena shows
  • event venues
  • sports stadiums

The beauty of renting an EFTPOS terminal for your next in-person event is that you can rent as many, or as few, as you need. It’s the perfect way to trial Zeller as your long-term solution. 

Interested in renting a Zeller Terminal for your next event? Contact the Zeller Events team to discuss your rental requirements. 

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