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Shop Small: Six Tips to Boost Your Revenue this November



Shop Small: Six Tips to Boost Your Revenue this November

American Express’ Shop Small is back encouraging shoppers to support local business. Read on to learn how you can get involved and how you can capitalise on the momentum.

While it’s been a tough few years for traders with record-high inflation off the back of a global pandemic, there is some good news: the movement to support local bricks-and-mortar businesses has gained significant momentum. A 2021 study even showed that more than eight in ten Australians intended to shop locally in the future. With this renewed sense of community, it’s an important time to be emphasising the benefits of shopping locally. 

Leading the charge is Shop Small, an Australia-wide celebration of local businesses, spearheaded by American Express. The initiative encourages shoppers to choose locally-owned stores over large chain retailers by giving them an added incentive to spend at small businesses. Read on to learn six ways to support the movement by helping get more customers through the door and enhancing their experience in-store. 


Six tips to boost revenue this November and beyond 

1. Start accepting American Express

This November, American Express’ Shop Small initiative will once again be encouraging its Card Members to shop at local small businesses where Amex is accepted. Amex Card Members will go into the running to win a share of 10 million points by shopping at participating small businesses, and for every Amex transaction that an eligible business processes, they'll get an entry into a draw to win one of 10x $10,000 Shop Small Business Grants too. 

As a proud American Express partner, Zeller is helping small businesses reach American Express customers by offering one low flat fee of 1.4% for all in-person card payments made through Zeller Terminal – including Amex and all other card types. Eligible businesses using Zeller will therefore go into the running for the prize pack and will automatically be listed on American Express’ Shop Small map to help community-minded customers find your business. 

If you’re not currently accepting Amex, now is the time to consider it. On top of the benefits of the Shop Small initiative, you will be tapping into a market of big spenders. Shoppers using Amex reportedly spend 1.8X more than non-Amex Card Members.¹ 

To learn more about the Shop Small campaign and to read the full terms and conditions, click here.

2. Get to know your customers

For many this will be obvious, but for those who have a tendency to hide out the back behind the accounts, take note: customers love knowing who they are buying from. Having a connection to the person selling to you not only makes the experience more pleasant, but will greatly increase the chances of repeat business. Spend time out on the floor, strike up conversations, make yourself known. Fashion retailer Christian Kimber, florist Matt Bisaro and the traders of Rathdowne Village can all attest to the importance of relationships in business.

3. Spring clean your window displays and update your signage

Ahead of the busy retail season, give your window display a freshen up and reassess how visible your shop front is. Can people clearly see your business from the street? Does your signage effectively communicate your brand and your offering? Consider if there are opportunities to optimise your store’s impact and visibility with small changes that won’t break the bank. In addition, make sure you have clear signage to let your customers know that you accept all major credit and debit cards. 65% of Amex Card Members say they are more likely to shop at a store with clear signage for American Express. Order your free Zeller Card Payment Marketing Kit here.

4. Ensure your Google listing is up to date

There’s nothing more frustrating than checking the opening hours of a business online, then arriving only to find that it’s actually closed. To capitalise on increased traffic thanks to the Amex Shop Small initiative as well as the busy holiday period, help potential customers find your address, opening hours, contact information and more by updating your business details on your Google Profile. If you have multiple venues, read our blog article on how to manage multiple locations on Google My Business.

5. Update your payment platform to avoid queues

Customers are becoming less and less patient, and many will abandon their would-be purchases if the queue for payment is too long. It pays to invest in a contactless mobile terminal that can operate at speed. Zeller Terminal allows you to process every card and mobile wallet payment quickly and securely. The added possibility of Integrated EFTPOS, means sales can be pushed automatically from your POS to your EFTPOS machine, saving you from keying in the sale amount and reducing potential human error. Plus, innovative functionality such as Split Payments, further speeds up the process, by taking out the need to calculate who owes what for group purchases. The best part? Every in-person transaction taken on Zeller Terminal costs just 1.4% — including payments made with American Express.

6. Give back to your community

It takes more than just existing in a local community to thrive in one. If you want your locals to keep your business front of mind, you need to be where they are. Seize every opportunity to get your brand name into local events or initiatives: whether it’s donating a prize to the local school fête or pub trivia, or offering up your shop to host an event. Vintage clothing store Route 66 regularly puts on free live music shows in-store and it has been paying dividends. By embedding your business into the heart of the community, you’ll engage new customers and ensure that your existing ones come back.

Ready to get started with Zeller?

Our small businesses are at the heart of what makes our local communities great. Use the tips above to encourage consumers to shop with your small business this November, and support other local businesses where you can.



¹ Source: American Express® commissioned internet panel survey conducted in April 2022 – May 2022 based on purchases made in the 6 months prior to the survey. Definition of American Express® Card Members: Respondents who reported that they have an American Express® Card and that they used that card to make purchases in the prior 6 months.