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5 New Zeller Features and Enhancements to Discover



5 New Zeller Features and Enhancements to Discover

Discover the latest Zeller updates, designed to help grow your business.

New Zeller features are released almost every fortnight. Sometimes they’re under the radar — things like faster transitions between screens, for example. Our developers are quick to take advantage of advances in technology to continuously streamline your EFTPOS tools. Other new features are bigger, and have the potential to level-up your business and the way you accept, manage and spend business funds. 

To help you stay up-to-date with the latest Zeller updates and adjust your business processes to make the most of them, we put together a list of the latest updates you may not know about: 

Keep reading to learn more and get best practices for these new updates to set your business up for success.

Hourly reporting on Zeller Terminal and in Zeller Dashboard 

Hourly reporting on Zeller Terminal and in Zeller Dashboard

Zeller’s transaction reporting functionality is now more powerful than ever. With this latest enhancement, you have the ability to filter and report on transactions accepted via Zeller Terminal — within a specific timeframe of your choosing — from your terminal itself, as well as within Zeller Dashboard. 

From within Zeller Dashboard and on Zeller Terminal, merchants can view a list of all transactions together with information such as purchase amount, card type, and site name. With this latest update, transactions can be filtered for any desired date and time range. 

You can leverage this functionality to filter and report on transactions across multiple business days, quickly pinpoint transactions that occurred within a short period of time, or report on extended business hours where trading continues into the early hours of the next morning — an especially handy feature for pubs, clubs, and late-night restaurants. 

If your business trades past midnight, this enhancement will make end-of-day reconciliation a much easier task for even the most junior members of staff. Simply instruct your team to set the filter parameters on Zeller Terminal to reflect your business’ trading hours by setting the hours and minutes on the clock face on either the Transactions, Terminal or Site Reports screen, and reconcile the total amount transacted with your point-of-sale.

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By default, transaction reports will continue to be generated for the 24 hour period of any given day. Read more about filtering transactions by time here. 

Understand more about your spending with rich transaction data

Since launching Zeller, we’ve made it our goal to help you manage the entire payments and financial side of your business from one ecosystem. That means Zeller not only gives you the fastest way to accept payment from every customer and have that money settled in to your Zeller Transaction Account overnight, it also enables you to use those funds and track spending via Zeller Mastercard. In Zeller Dashboard, you can now see detailed information about where and how your business funds are being spent. 

As a business owner, the ability to easily identify and understand all of your business relationships — including relationships with the business you transact with — is critical. The newly launched Zeller Contact Directory stores business and personal details for customers, suppliers, as well as the businesses where you spend money using Zeller Mastercard. This level of transparency enables you to better understand where and how business funds are being spent, giving you the opportunity to deepen those business relationships. 

Whenever you use Zeller Mastercard, a contact record will be automatically created within Zeller Dashboard and populated with rich information about the business where the purchase was made. Next time you open a transaction on Zeller Dashboard, you’ll see information such as the business name, address and more — helping you to understand the places where business funds are being spent, and gain a deeper understanding of how and who you transact with. The next time you buy from that same business using Zeller Mastercard, the transaction will be stored against the business’ contact record.

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You also have the ability to add additional information to these business contact records, including:

  • transaction notes.
  • an accounting category, to simplify expense management
  • a category and sub-category, to assist with budgeting
  • custom tags, such as ‘supplier’
  • a transaction receipt

Keep reading to discover more about Zeller’s new receipt upload functionality. 

Store receipts in Zeller Dashboard

Tired of filing every paper receipt? How about trawling through reams of receipts to identify business deductions come tax time? With this latest update, you won’t have to. We’ve lightened the administrative load by giving you a place to store receipts digitally, within Zeller Dashboard. 

Simply upload a photo or PDF of a receipt from either a purchase made using Zeller Mastercard or a transfer from your Zeller Transaction Account and save it to the appropriate transaction record. This simple functionality makes bookkeeping that much easier. 

New sounds to signal transaction status

Zeller Terminal will emit a new two-tone sound to indicate that a transaction has failed. This sound is easily distinguishable from the new tone emitted when a transaction is successful. When you’re serving customers in a busy or noisy environment, these new sounds will help your team to quickly identify the status of every transaction.

If a customer’s payment is declined, the declined tone will be emitted and the reason for the failed transaction will appear on the terminal screen. This enables staff to quickly identify the issue and invite the customer to progress the sale another way.

An enhanced Zeller SIM Card experience

A smattering of enhancements make it easier than ever to manage your Zeller SIM Card, ensuring that no matter where you’re selling — you’re able to accept cashless payments.

The latest enhancements include: 

  • the ability to nominate your Zeller Transaction Account or a third party account as the billing account from which to deduct the monthly $15 fee for unlimited data 
  • If your account falls overdue, the nominated billing account appears on-screen so you can easily identify the account with insufficient funds.
  • full terms and conditions conveniently available to view on Zeller Terminal 

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