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Meet Zeller SIM Card: Connectivity You Can Rely On



Meet Zeller SIM Card: Connectivity You Can Rely On

Protect from Wi-Fi outages and get flexibility to sell on-the-go for pocket change.

We’ve all experienced the frustrations of poor internet connectivity and service disruptions, however that frustration pales in significance compared to the impact an outage can have on your business. When your Wi-Fi or personal hotspot cuts out, your business is left exposed to the risks of lost revenue, reduced productivity, and customer complaints.

There are many potential reasons for an internet connection to drop, which can range from equipment failures to power outages to faults on the line – all of which are out of your control. The good news is that Zeller Terminal can be powered through Wi-Fi, personal hotspot or Zeller SIM Card to ensure you can continue serving customers without disruption.  

Keep reading to discover some of the ways adding a Zeller SIM Card to your Zeller Terminal can benefit your business.


More than just providing reliable connectivity, using Zeller SIM Card enables businesses to be more mobile. 

SIM connectivity is a great option for any mobile business, such as a food truck, pop-up retailer or mobile service provider, because SIM cards provide connectivity where there may not otherwise be internet. Instead of being reliant on Wi-Fi or a personal hotspot, Zeller Terminal together with Zeller SIM Card allows you to operate your business from anywhere and be mobile from one place to the next without any additional set-up or infrastructure.

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If your business advertises that it accepts credit cards and other cashless payment methods, you need to make sure this option is always available to your customers. 

Zeller SIM Card is powered by Optus, which covers a huge 98.5% of the population of Australia. That means you can rely on Zeller SIM Card to keep your Zeller Terminal connected to the internet, from wherever business takes you.

You can use your SIM connectivity as the primary method of internet connectivity, or connect your Zeller Terminal to your Wi-Fi and rest easy knowing Zeller SIM Card is there to back you up in case of interruption.

Faster transactions

A quick transaction is reliant on a fast internet connection. However, your staff may not always take payment while standing directly next to your Wi-Fi router or hotspot. 

When connectivity is weak, transactions typically take longer – and customers become disgruntled. No one likes waiting, so don’t make them. Zeller SIM Card will ensure you can continue to take payment from every customer efficiently.  

Better customer experience 

These days, customers expect to be able to pay from wherever is most convenient for them – whether that’s by the road (for click and collect purchases), at the table, or another location. 

Zeller SIM Card allows you to bring the terminal to the customer, and provide an even better customer experience. 

Fewer late payments

If you’re in the practice of issuing invoices, pairing your Zeller Terminal with Zeller SIM Card can considerably speed up the time it takes for funds to hit your bank account. 

It takes an average of 25.5 days for an invoice to be paid. If you process the transaction through Zeller Terminal, the funds will be in your account by the next business day – or even faster, if you settle the funds to your Zeller Transaction Account. Plus, you’ll save yourself the administrative burden of issuing and chasing up invoices.

How does Zeller SIM Card work?

Zeller SIM Card is available for a flat fee of $15 per month, and we’ll even give you your first month of data for free. With unlimited data, no lock-in contracts, and the option to cancel at any time, it’s an obvious choice for businesses seeking to mitigate the risks of poor connectivity and provide an exceptional customer experience. Plus, having a separate service plan provides visibility into cost, and does not count towards your phone or tablet’s monthly data quota. 

Zeller SIM Card can be purchased from Zeller Shop, or from any Officeworks store in Australia. And, if you purchase Zeller SIM Card during the month of July 2021, you’ll receive free data until 1 October 2021 — that’s three months of unlimited data, for free.