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Zeller Debit Card: put your money to work



Zeller Debit Card: put your money to work

When you purchase Zeller Terminal, you get a free business Debit Card included right in the box.

When you purchase Zeller Terminal, you get a free business Debit Card included right in the box. Using your Zeller Terminal  in conjunction with Zeller Merchant Account and Zeller Debit Card is the quickest way to get access to your takings, speeding up cash flow so you can pay recipients fast. 

Keep reading to discover the benefits of Zeller Debit Card in more detail.

Fast access to your funds

In the past, your business might have needed to rely on business loans to support gaps in your cash flow and keep your business going while waiting for transactions to be processed. Yet with a business loan comes interest, which eats into your business’s profit margins.

Cash flow is a business's lifeblood.

Zeller Debit Card is linked to your Zeller Transaction Account, giving you the fastest way to spend your funds – no business loan necessary. Put your money to work with your Zeller Debit Card and pay recipients as soon as funds hit your Zeller Transaction Account. 


You can use Zeller Debit Card wherever Mastercard is accepted — online or in person.

Affordable business spending 

Annual card fees and transaction fees may look like minimal expenses in isolation, but these charges add up over time. Enjoy fee-free transactions on domestic purchases with Zeller Debit Card, so you can pay your suppliers without the added sting of a transaction charge. 

There’s no annual card fee either, which means more affordable business spending for you.

Manage your cards anywhere

Activate your Business Debit Card, apply for a new card, and lock your card if you misplace it — right from your Zeller Dashboard. No need to visit the bank and wait in line, or sit on the phone on hold. Zeller prioritises convenience so you don’t waste time on business finance admin.

Add to your mobile wallet

Zeller Terminal accepts NFC mobile payments from your customers, so it makes sense for you to be able to spend your funds via NFC-enabled devices as well. Add your Zeller Debit Card to your mobile wallet and make contactless payments on every NFC-enabled terminal. 

Track business expenses

Zeller Dashboard will soon give you an overview of your business spending in real-time, so you can manage your business budget. Track real-time spending on every Zeller Debit Card to manage your business budget with ease.  


Get faster access to your takings by using Zeller Terminal in conjunction with Zeller Transaction Account and Zeller Debit Card.

Purchase Zeller Terminal and you’ll get a free Zeller Debit Card, included right in the box. Learn more about the benefits of using all of Zeller’s products together.