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Need to Save Your Business Time and Money? Try Online Invoicing



Need to Save Your Business Time and Money? Try Online Invoicing

New online invoicing software can help automate and scale your invoicing functionality

For most businesses, invoicing is a day-to-day part of managing your cash. Efficient management of your invoicing ensures you get paid for the goods or services you provide in a timely manner. However, traditional invoicing methods — such as manually writing out invoices, or using an excel sheet to track invoice payments — can be time-consuming, and prone to errors. 

With the rise of online invoicing software in the past decade, business owners can take advantage of online solutions that offer a range of benefits, including automation, improved efficiency, increased accuracy, and enhanced tracking and reporting capabilities.

What is online invoicing?

Online invoicing (also known as electronic invoicing or e-invoicing) enables businesses to digitally send invoices through software to customers, clients, or other businesses. Unlike a PDF invoice, which needs to be printed, posted or emailed, online invoicing software allows you to send and receive invoices digitally, on which customers can then click a button to make a secure payment online.

What are the benefits of online invoicing?

Read on to learn about the various features and benefits that online invoicing software (like Zeller Invoices) can offer, and how you can implement it in your business to streamline your invoicing process, accelerate payment speed, and ultimately save time and money.

Automate invoice reminders

Online invoicing software can automate tasks such as creating and sending invoices, as well as triggering reminders to be sent via email to customers who have not yet made payment on an invoice. By automating your online invoicing process, your business can save time on manual workflows, as well as reduce the risk of late payment. For example, Zeller Invoices automatically sends your customer a payment reminder before, on, and after the invoice due date, to encourage timely payment. 

Improve online invoicing efficiency and accuracy

Online invoicing software makes creating and sending invoices easier by enabling you to save items or services to reuse in future invoices and assign contacts to invoices to track payments by the customer. By removing any manual data entry and administration, you’ll save valuable administration time which can be reinvested back into building your business. 

Zeller’s online invoicing software comes with a built-in item management library, allowing you to save and add items to invoices that you sell on a regular basis. You can also add business customers and contacts to Zeller Contact Directory to assign invoices sent to clients, making it easier to track payment status and know whom you’re chasing up. 

Increase your speed of payment

One of the most important features of great online invoicing software is that it enables you to get paid faster, by integrating with an online payment gateway. With fewer customers carrying cash,  through online invoicing software you can offer customers the option to pay their invoice quickly and securely online, making it easier for them to pay and increasing the likelihood of timely payment.

With Zeller Invoices, every online invoice sent to a customer includes a secure online payment link which they can click and enter their credit card details into. The customer can check out in a few clicks, and the funds will reach your  free Zeller Transaction Account that night — it’s that simple. 

Access enhanced invoice tracking

With better reporting and invoice tracking capabilities, your online invoicing software will enable you to track payment status, see which business contacts have the greatest amount of outstanding invoices, view detailed reports, and monitor your business cash flow. By providing you with a greater level of business insight, you’ll be armed to make more informed decisions and financial forecasts. 

Zeller not only allows you to easily track payments from every invoice, but you’ll also get an overview of your entire business finances from your Zeller Dashboard or in the Zeller App — with cash inflows and outflows, from invoicing and EFTPOS payments, to transactions and team expenses. You can view every transaction from Zeller Dashboard, with detailed reports and insights helping you make important business decisions.

How Zeller Invoices can save your business time and money

Zeller Invoices is a free, all-in-one invoicing solution that’s easy to use and will let you create and send invoices in under 60 seconds. With plenty of features to manage your invoices, you can save your business time and money, while boosting cash flow.

Complete with built-in automation, the ability to track payments, a secure online payment gateway for your customers to pay, and built-in reporting, Zeller Invoices is a complete online invoicing software for businesses of any stage or type.  Log in to your Zeller Account to try Zeller Invoices free today, or sign up for your free Zeller Account to get started.