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Create the Perfect Invoice in 7 Steps



Create the Perfect Invoice in 7 Steps

Sending the perfect online invoice not only helps you get paid on time and maintain great customer relationships, it also ensures your business looks professional.

However, not all invoices are created equal. A poorly-designed invoice makes it difficult for customers to understand what they owe, and may even discourage them from paying if it looks untrustworthy. 

On the other hand, a well-designed and clear invoice can accelerate the payment process and boost your business cash flow. 

Follow these seven essential steps to create clear, professional invoices that are easy to pay. 

1. Include all necessary information

Many businesses forget to include pieces of vital information that customers need to understand what the invoice is for, when it is due, and how they can pay it. Ensure your invoice includes essential information such as:

  • the customer's name and address
  • the invoice sent date, and due date
  • a description of the goods or services provided 
  • payment terms, including how the customer should pay the invoice

You should also include your business name, address, and contact details. As your business grows and you send more invoices, you can also choose to include more operational details such as an invoice, order or reference number that can be used by your finance or bookkeeping team to reconcile against payments. 

Zeller Invoices lets you personalise your invoices for each customer. You can choose to attach a customer contact from Zeller Contact Directory, add a custom message, and assign a clear due date and invoice number. 

2. Use a professional invoice format

Your invoice's format should make it easy for customers to understand what they’re paying, and also be consistent with your business’ brand. Thankfully with online invoicing, you won’t need to start from scratch. Every Zeller invoice is sent in a PDF format with an easy-to-read font. You can also personalise invoices with your business logo. A professional invoice builds trust with your customers, keeping them coming back and buying from you in the future.

3. Include clear payment information

Invoices that are paid quickly always include clear payment terms, such as a due date, and any late fees or penalties that may apply. By also including your payment options — such as a link to an online payment gateway, or your account number and BSB for bank transfers — your customer will know how they can pay you for the goods or services provided. Being upfront about your payment terms prevents confusion, and ensures that your customers know when and how their payment is expected. 

Zeller Invoices enables you to attach a custom message where you can detail the payment terms. When opening the invoice in their email inbox, they’ll also be presented with a payment button to make a secure online payment for their invoice. Payments for invoices accepted online with Zeller are settled quickly to your nominated business bank or Zeller Transaction Account, with the applicable reference number included to streamline reconciliation. 

4. Use a consistent numbering system

As your business grows, you should implement an invoicing system that can scale with you. By incorporating a consistent invoice numbering system, your process stays organised. Invoice numbering helps your customers to easily identify the specific invoice, as well as keeping your administration tidy. 

You can use your invoice numbering system to track invoices and payments. A simple sequential numbering system (such as Invoice 001, Invoices 22),  or a more complex system with a prefix or suffix (such as ZEL-0001-INV, ZEL-002-INV) can be used. 

Zeller Invoices automatically assigns a consistent numbering system to each invoice you send online, so you won’t have to worry about setting this system up for yourself. You can use this system to identify a specific invoice in your Zeller Account, and track whether the invoice is sent, paid, or overdue.

5. Offer convenient payment options

By providing your customers with a choice of convenient payment options, you’ll help make it easier for them to pay for outstanding invoices. This may include payment options such as:

  • online payment via credit card
  • in-person payment via cash
  • direct transfer to a nominated account 

The more options you provide, the more likely it is that your customers will find one that works for them, helping you build trust and loyalty with them. Zeller Invoices gives your customers the ability to pay their invoices online in a few clicks, with the option to pay via a local or international credit card. 

6. Include a thank-you message

Including a thank-you note or message in your invoice payment notification is a small, but powerful touchpoint, to build stronger customer relationships. A simple message such as "thank you for your business" or "we appreciate your prompt payment," for example, lets your customers know you appreciate them.

7. Send invoices promptly

Finally, it’s important to send invoices promptly. This means sending an online invoice as soon as the work is completed, or when (or before) the goods are delivered. Many businesses fall into the trap of delaying invoice administration work, which indicates to the customer that payment isn’t a high priority for our business — and is likely to result in a late payment. By sending invoices out immediately, you’re ensuring a faster payment as well as bolstering your business cash flow. 

With Zeller Invoices, you can create and issue online invoices right from your dashboard or mobile device. Simply log in to your Zeller Account, create an Invoice, assign a Contact, and hit send. In a few simple steps, you'll be getting paid faster in no time!

Create the perfect invoice with Zeller Invoices

Zeller Invoices is a free, all-in-one online invoicing solution that’s easy to use, and enables you to create and send online invoices in less than 60 seconds. With powerful features to manage your invoices, track payment, send automated reminders, and customise your invoice design, Zeller Invoices is the perfect online invoicing solution to help you create and send the perfect invoice.