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Critical Information Summary

Zeller SIM Unlimited Terminal Data Plan

Information about the Service

Your Zeller SIM Unlimited Terminal Data Plan (Plan) includes unlimited data for use within Australia and is only for use with a Zeller Terminal. The Plan may not be used with any non-Zeller device. A minimum contract term of one month applies. No early termination charges apply to this Plan.


Plan Information

Minimum Monthly Charge 


Minimum Total Cost

Your Minimum Total Cost is your Minimum Monthly Charge


Month to month

Monthly data allowance 

Unlimited for use with a Zeller Terminal

Early termination charges

There are no early termination charges if you cancel your Plan. However, you will need to pay the Minimum Monthly Charge and any outstanding charges owing on your Plan in full. All outstanding charges will immediately become due and payable.

Additional charges information

For more information about fees, charges and pricing applicable to this Plan, please see EFTPOS Sim Card Connectivity.


Using your Plan and Inclusion

Eligibility: This Plan must be used with a Zeller Terminal.

Network access: We use Optus' 3G and 4G networks to provide the data services under this Plan.

What's included: This Plan provides you with unlimited data for your Zeller Terminal only.

What's not included: You cannot use your Plan to send or receive data for any other purpose other than for Zeller transactions and software updates on a Zeller Terminal. You cannot use your Plan with a non-Zeller device. Your Plan does not enable you to make or receive calls to local or international numbers, or enable you to make or receive standard national or international SMS and MMS. You cannot use your plan outside of Australia.

Fair Use: This Plan and your use of our network are subject to our Fair Use Policy. You must comply with our Fair Use Policy and not use your service in an unacceptable, unreasonable or fraudulent way. We may take action against you if you breach our Fair Use Policy, including suspending or cancelling your service. For more information see 

Billing: Your bill will be available for viewing on your dedicated online portal provided by us at Each bill will contain charges incurred on a monthly basis starting from the date on which your service is activated under this Plan.

Payment: Unless we agree with you otherwise, you must pay the fees by direct debit from your nominated account.

Other Information

Zeller Customer care: For more information about your service or if you have a complaint, you can visit or contact us by calling 1800 ZELLER (935 537), to speak to someone about your plan or to obtain a copy of this summary in an alternative/accessible format.

Please contact us first if you have a complaint and our team will make every attempt to resolve your issue. If, after speaking to us, you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman by phone on 1800 062 058 or visit if you wish to make a complaint.  

Please note that this is a summary only and does not reflect any discounts or promotions that may apply from time to time. The full legal terms and conditions for this Plan are available at