Smarter business EFTPOS payments.

Switch your business to Zeller and get $100.

Instant setup

Sign up free with no contract, then purchase Zeller Terminal online or from Officeworks stores.

Low pricing

Pay just 1.4% per tapped, dipped or swiped payment for all cards, including American Express.

Fast deposits

Get funds nightly to your free Zeller Transaction Account, or sweep to any existing bank account.

Powerful features

Enjoy a long-lasting battery, tipping and surcharging, email and SMS receipts, and much more.

Stay connected

Sell anywhere with Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot connectivity, or insert a SIM card to sell on the go.

Australian support

Reach our local team on phone or email 7 days a week, or find instant answers on our website.

Merchant with Zeller Terminal

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Sign up and accept $500 in payments with Zeller — and you'll automatically get $100 deposited to your nominated account.

Terms and conditions apply.

  • Create a Zeller Account
    Signing up takes minutes, and it's free.

  • Purchase Zeller Terminal
    Ships fast and free throughout Australia,
    so you can start transacting in no time.

  • Receive $100
    You get $100 in your nominated account
    at the end of the month.



Meet the Zeller EFTPOS Terminal.

An affordable and powerful EFTPOS payment solution for both countertop and mobile businesses.

  • Accept every payment — Process tapped, dipped or swiped cards, mobile wallets, MOTO payments and QR codes (coming soon).
  • Touchscreen display — Simplify checkout for your team and customers with a large touchscreen display.
  • Durable construction — Built to withstand constant real-world use, whether you're in-store or on the road.
  • Powerful battery — Accept payments all day and keep your counter clear of cables.
  • Tipping and surcharging — Give your customers the option to leave a tip, or on-charge the processing fee to them.
  • Simple refunds — Process transaction refunds instantly from Zeller Terminal with no additional fees or charges.
  • Stay connected — Connect Zeller Terminal to Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot, or insert a SIM card to protect against downtime.

Accept more payment types.

Pay one low rate per tapped dipped or swiped transaction for every
card type. No hidden fees, no monthly rental charges, and no lock-in contracts.

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How does Zeller compare?

Compare Zeller to the rest of the market, and we’re sure you’ll never find a smarter, simpler, and more affordable way to manage your business EFTPOS payments.

This comparison is to be used as an estimation only, based upon publicly accessible information. You must request information from each provider in order to determine how the solution will work for your business.

Global Fintech
Legacy Provider
Big Bank

Card payment fee


1.6% – 1.9%



EFTPOS Terminal cost

$299 one-time cost

$429 one-time cost

$348/year ($29/month)

$468/year ($39/month)

Cost of acceptance
$5,000/month card payments


1.6% – 1.9%




No lock-in contract

No lock-in contract

3 month minimum

6 month minimum

Cards accepted
out of the box

Settlement time

Nightly to Zeller Account; 1 business day to 3rd-party accounts

1 – 2 business days

1 – 3 business days

1 business day

Setup time

5 minutes

15 minutes

5 – 7 days

1 – 2 weeks

Card payment fee

Global Fintech
Legacy Provider
Big Bank


1.6% – 1.9%



EFTPOS Terminal cost

Total cost of acceptance
$5,000/month card payments


Cards accepted out of the box

Settlement time

Setup time

Switch to Zeller for more affordable EFTPOS.

Zeller has no hidden charges, monthly rental costs, or sneaky hidden fees. Plus, you can try Zeller, and if you don’t love it — send it back free of charge for a full refund.

Sign up free



One low rate for any tapped, dipped, or swiped card payment, with even lower custom rates available



Manually-enter card details directly into Zeller Terminal to accept over the phone payments.



Yours to own with no monthly terminal rental fees or lock-in contract. 

How Zeller works.

In the box you’ll get everything you need to accept payments, manage your funds, and pay recipients fast.

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Accept card payments
quickly and securely with
Zeller EFTPOS Terminal.

Store and manage funds
in the fee-free Zeller Transaction Account.

Put funds to work fast with Zeller Mastercard, included free.


Let us save you money on EFTPOS fees.

If you process over $250K of card transactions annually, the Zeller Sales team can design a custom pricing solution that works for your business.

1800 935 537
Monday to Friday
9 AM to 5 PM Australian Eastern Time

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Signing up to Zeller is free.

Create a Zeller Account.

Sign up takes minutes for most business, and it’s free.

Purchase a Zeller Terminal.

Ships fast and free throughout Australia.

Start accepting payments.

Log in and accept payments instantly. 


Also available at


Do I have to change my business bank account to use Zeller?

You don't need to change your business bank account in order to use Zeller. When you accept card payments with Zeller Terminal, you can choose to settle your funds to your fee-free Zeller Transaction Account, or to any existing Australian business bank account. 

Do I need to sign a contract to use Zeller?

There are no lock-in contracts to use Zeller. You can choose to use Zeller as much or as little as you like, and you don't pay anything when you're not using it. 

How long does it take for funds to be deposited to my account?

Deposits are settled same day to the Zeller Transaction Account, and are settled the next business day for any other nominated Australian business bank account. 

How do I switch from another provider?

It's simple to switch to Zeller from another business bank or merchant services provider. Firstly, sign up for your free Zeller Account here. You can then purchase Zeller Terminal from any Officeworks store, or online from the Zeller Shop. We'll ship it to you free, anywhere in Australia. Finally, log in to your Zeller Account from the Terminal to begin accepting payments. 

How long does it take to set up Zeller Terminal?

You can be up and running with Zeller Terminal in minutes. Simply unpack the Zeller Terminal from the box, log in to your Zeller Account directly on the device, and begin accepting payments. Watch this video here for instructions on getting started with Zeller Terminal.

How long does it take to ship my Zeller Terminal?

Zeller delivers to metropolitan addresses in 2 - 3 business days, and to regional addresses in 5 - 7 business days. If you need Zeller Terminal today, please visit your nearest Officeworks retail store.

Can I return my Zeller Terminal if it doesn’t work for me?

You can return Zeller Terminal for a full refund on the purchase price if it isn't right for your business. Zeller Terminal is also covered by a one year warranty from the date of purchase. 

Zeller Referral Program Terms & Conditions

The Zeller Referral Program is open to activated Zeller merchants. 

Zeller reserves the right to cancel or change the terms of service for our referral program at any time. Unclaimed referral rewards will be forfeited at that time. All participants are subject to the following terms and conditions: 

Referrer. A Referrer is defined as a Zeller merchant invited to join the Zeller Referral Program. The Referrer is subject to Zeller’s Terms of Service and Zeller’s Privacy Policy.

Referred Merchant. A Referred Merchant is defined as a new Zeller customer who successfully completes activation of their Zeller Account and starts transacting, who arrives at the Zeller website (myzeller.com) by clicking a Referrer’s unique referral link. A Referred Merchant and a Referrer cannot be the same person, operate the same business, or share the same ABN. The Referred Merchant must be a new Zeller customer, who has never held a Zeller account. Zeller will count qualified referrals from links that are tracked and reported in the Zeller (GrowSurf) platform. 

Qualified Referrals. For the Referrer and Referred Merchant to earn referral rewards, the Referred Merchant must complete their Zeller activation through the Referrers unique tracking link and accept their first $500 of card payments with Zeller Terminal, a maximum of 45 days post their activation. 

Referral Rewards. Rewards are payable as a $100 cash bonus, settled to the nominated account of both the Referrer and Referred Merchant upon successful activation of the Referred Merchant’s new Zeller Account and first transaction of the Referred Merchant’s new Zeller Account. Referral Rewards will be settled at the end of each month in which the Qualified Referral took place. Referral Rewards cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other Zeller offer or promotion. 

Eligibility. Referrer eligibility is limited to selected Zeller customers. Unique Referral tracking links cannot be shared with other Zeller merchants for use. 

You can read Zeller's Terms of Services here.