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Zeller Referral Program

Earn $100 for every business you refer.

Earn rewards with the Zeller Referral Program.

Every business you refer who begins transacting within 45 days will earn you $100. Your referral will earn $100, too. 

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Be rewarded for every referral.


Copy your link

Your unique referral link is available to you in Zeller Dashboard.


Share with friends

Share your unique link with friends to help them sign up for Zeller.


Earn rewards

Every eligible referral earns you and your friend a $100 cash bonus each.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find my Zeller referral link?

My friend signed up to Zeller but didn't use my referral link. Can I still get the referral reward?

When do I receive my $100 reward for a successful referral?

My friend signed up for Zeller, but I haven't received a successful referral notification?

Zeller Referral Program Terms & Conditions

The Zeller Referral Program is open to activated Zeller merchants.

Zeller reserves the right to cancel or change the terms of service for our referral program at any time. Unclaimed referral rewards will be forfeited at that time. All participants are subject to the following terms and conditions:


A Referrer is defined as a Zeller merchant invited to join the Zeller Referral Program. The Referrer is subject to Zeller’s Terms of Service and Zeller’s Privacy Policy.

Referred Merchant

A Referred Merchant is defined as a new Zeller customer who successfully completes activation of their Zeller Account and starts transacting, who arrives at the Zeller website ( by clicking a Referrer’s unique referral link. A Referred Merchant and a Referrer cannot be the same person, operate the same business, or share the same ABN. Referred Merchants must be legitimate businesses. The Referred Merchant must be a new Zeller customer, who has never held a Zeller account. Zeller will count qualified referrals from links that are tracked and reported in the Zeller (GrowSurf) platform.

Qualified Referrals

For the Referrer and Referred Merchant to earn referral rewards, the Referred Merchant must complete their Zeller activation through the Referrers unique tracking link and accept their first $500 of card payments with Zeller Terminal, Zeller Virtual Terminal, Tap to Pay with Zeller App, or Zeller Invoices, a maximum of 45 days post their activation.

Referral Rewards

Rewards are payable as a $100 cash bonus, settled to the nominated account of both the Referrer and Referred Merchant upon successful activation of the Referred Merchant’s new Zeller Account and first transaction of the Referred Merchant’s new Zeller Account. Referral Rewards will be settled at the beginning of the following month in which the Qualified Referral took place. Referral Rewards cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other Zeller offer or promotion.


Referrer eligibility is limited to selected Zeller customers. Unique Referral tracking links cannot be shared with other Zeller merchants for use.

You can read Zeller's Terms of Services here.