Zeller SIM Card

Maximise your EFTPOS connectivity.


Sell from anywhere

Run your mobile workforce with a connected fleet of Zeller Terminals.


Maximise uptime

Keep accepting card payments in the event of unexpected WiFi outages.


Unlimited data

Accept as many payments as you need with an unlimited data plan.


No lock-in plans

Only pay for the data you need, with no contracts or lock-in subscriptions.


First month free

Your first month of data is included. Then it's just $15 per month for unlimited data.


Connectivity for business on-the-go.

Zeller SIM Card gives you the flexibility to accept payments whether you’re selling in store, on-the-go, or just guarding against unexpected Wi-Fi outages.

  • Protect against downtime — Continue accepting card payments, even when your WiFi is unstable or down.
  • Cover more space — Maintain stable connectivity when you’re accepting card payment at outdoor dining areas or bars.
  • Sell when you’re on-the-go — Insert a SIM Card and use Zeller Terminal when you and your team are transacting on the road.
  • No excess data charges — With unlimited data, you won’t pay more for data when your business gets busier.

Powered by the Optus network.
With coverage to 98.5% of Australia’s population, it’s connectivity you can rely on.

Check your area coverage
SIM Card pack

How to activate your Zeller SIM Card.

  • 1.Insert your Zeller SIM Card.
  • 2.Power up your Zeller Terminal.
  • 3.Tap Finish on the SIM confirmation screen.

Your Zeller Terminal is ready for business on-the-go or when WiFi is unavailable.

Need help getting activated?

Speak to our local support team to get help setting up your Zeller SIM Card. Call 1800 935 537, Monday to Sunday, 9 AM to 1 AM Australian Eastern Time.

Clear pricing
with no surprises.

We’ll never surprise you with a long list of fees or hidden charges — and we’ll never ask you to sign a contract, either.

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Create a Zeller Account.

Sign up takes minutes for most businesses, and it’s free.


Buy your Terminal and SIM.

We’ll ship them to you fast and free, anywhere in Australia.


Insert your SIM and log in.

You’re ready to accept payments on-the-go and without WiFi.

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Can I use Zeller SIM Card with other devices?

Zeller SIM Card is only compatible for use with Zeller Terminal, and cannot be used on other devices. 

How much does Zeller SIM Card cost?

Zeller SIM Card is $15 to purchase, which includes your first month of unlimited data. After that, it is just $15 per month (including GST) for unlimited data to use with your Zeller Terminal. 

How do I insert a SIM Card into my Zeller Terminal?

To insert a SIM Card into your Zeller Terminal, open the panel on the rear of your device which houses the battery. Insert a SIM Card into the slot beneath the battery. 

What network does the Zeller SIM Card run on?

Zeller SIM Card runs on the Optus network, providing reliable coverage to 98.5% of Australia's population. Click here to check Optus network coverage in your local business area.

Is the Zeller SIM Card on a prepaid or postpaid plan?

Zeller SIM Card operates as a prepaid plan. On a prepaid SIM Card plan, you pay for your connectivity upfront in one low, fixed monthly cost. Because Zeller SIM Card provides you with unlimited data to use with your Zeller Terminal every month for $15, there is no variable cost or nasty bill shock at the end of every billing period.

What type of SIM Card is Zeller Terminal compatible with?

Zeller Terminal is compatible with a standard-sized SIM card on a basic data plan. Standard-sized SIM cards are 25mm in length, and 15mm in width. We recommend using a SIM card with 2 - 3 gigabytes of data per month to cover transaction processing and regular software updates.