Every card payment at one low rate.

Pay just 1.4% per tapped, inserted or swiped transaction for every card type. No hidden fees, no surprises. 

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Understand your real cost of card acceptance.

Many merchant services providers will charge you expensive monthly terminal rental costs, account fees, and sneak in hidden costs.

Zeller’s pricing is transparent and fair, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying.

Choose to apply a surcharge (fee-free EFTPOS) to pass the cost of acceptance on to your customers.

More value for less.

With Zeller, you’ll benefit from more support and resources to help your business grow at no additional cost.

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Our dedicated fraud prevention team works 24/7 to monitor transactions, protecting you and your business.

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Zeller Transaction
Account, free

Your Zeller Transaction Account is included free at sign up. It’s instantly ready, with no additional paperwork.

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No refund

Customers are refunded the full purchase value — and you’ll be refunded your processing fee, too.

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Sweep funds to any bank account, or access faster by depositing to your free Zeller Transaction Account.

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If a chargeback occurs, we’ll work with you on dispute resolution — and won’t hit you with a chargeback fee.

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Free Zeller

Spend money using your free business Mastercard, with no annual fee or fees on domestic purchases.

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reporting tools

Access important business data, manage your expenses and track spending from your Zeller Dashboard.

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Speak with our local team 7 days a week by phone, email or SMS, or find answers in the Zeller Support Centre.




Custom rates for larger businesses.

If you process over $250K of card transactions annually, you may be eligible for a custom rate. Call us to speak with Zeller Sales about designing a custom solution for your business.

Phone 1800 935 537
Monday to Friday
9 AM to 5 PM Australian Eastern Time

Or leave your details below and we’ll get in touch.

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The Zeller Guarantee

Try Zeller, and if you don’t love it you can send it back to us free of charge — we’ll refund your purchase price.

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Ready to get started?

Most businesses can start accepting payments with Zeller in minutes. Signing up is free, and you can even purchase a Zeller Terminal in the process.


How much is Zeller?

Signing up for Zeller is free. The Zeller Kit costs $299 to purchase, and contains Zeller EFTPOS Terminal Machines and Zeller Mastercard. Zeller merchants also receive a free Zeller Transaction Account.  

How much does Zeller EFTPOS machine cost?

Zeller EFTPOS Terminal costs $299 to purchase. You’ll also receive a free Transaction Account and business Mastercard, giving you the ability to spend your funds as well as real-time visibility over your deposits and spending. You can purchase Zeller Terminal online at our online shop, with free shipping Australia-wide.

Where can I purchase Zeller Terminal?

You can purchase Zeller Terminal from the Zeller Online Shop – we’ll even ship it to you, fast and for free. Zeller Terminal is also available at all Officeworks stores nationwide.

Does Zeller have any ongoing monthly fees?

Zeller has ZERO monthly, ongoing fees. Our EFTPOS fees & pricing are transparent: pay just $299 for Zeller EFTPOS Terminal Machines, and just 1.4% for any tapped, dipped or swiped card payment (including GST).

Is there a minimum amount required to process each month to avoid additional EFTPOS fees?

There is ZERO minimum monthly transaction volume required to avoid paying additional fees. Zeller will not penalise your business for processing a lower volume of transactions. You can use Zeller Terminal as much or as little as suits your business requirements.

Are there any fees for transferring funds to my third-party bank account?

You have the option to sweep funds accepted via Zeller EFTPOS Terminal into any third-party bank account. There are no additional fees for transferring funds to a third-party bank account. Funds will settle into your nominated account within 1 business day. You also have the option to sweep funds accepted via Zeller Terminal into any third-party bank account, which are settled nightly. You can read more about the Zeller deposit schedule here.

Is there an additional cost to accept American Express cards?

American Express cards that are accepted with Zeller Terminal cost just 1.4% per tapped, dipped or swiped payment. There is no additional surcharge applied to American Express cards.

How much do Zeller Mastercard and Zeller Transaction Account cost?

Zeller Transaction Account is yours free, and your Zeller Mastercard is included free, right in the box with Zeller Terminal. There are no monthly account fees on your Zeller Transaction Account or Mastercard, either.

Does the 1.4% transaction fee include GST?

Yes, the 1.4% transaction fee that is applied to every tapped, dipped or swiped card payment that is processed with our EFTPOS Machine is inclusive of GST.

Does Zeller Terminal accept Diners Club?

Zeller Terminal does not currently accept Diners Club.

Does Zeller Terminal accept UnionPay?

Zeller Terminal does not currently accept UnionPay.

What's the best rate you can offer my business?

Your business may be eligible for an even lower custom rate if you process over $250k annually in card payments through your EFTPOS payment terminal. Contact Zeller Sales to learn more.

Can I do MOTO payments with Zeller Terminal?

Yes, you can accept MOTO (over the phone) card payments with Zeller Terminal. Simply enter your customer's card details into Zeller Terminal, then process the payment as you usually would. The transaction fee for accepting a MOTO payment is 1.7% (including GST) per transaction.