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Benefits of Mobile EFTPOS Machines


15.03.2021 Payments

Benefits of Mobile EFTPOS Machines

An EFTPOS machine isn’t optional for your business — it’s a necessity.

Australians have spoken with their wallets; cash is no longer king, your customers want the practical benefits of using cards and mobile wallets to pay for your products or services.

Finding the right portable EFTPOS machine can help you continue to offer stellar customer service while keeping overheads low. One key consideration is whether your business needs a mobile EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale) machine. These payment terminals don’t require a hard-wired internet connection, so you’re not limited by the length of a cord. 

Let’s quickly answer some common questions about mobile EFTPOS machines in Australia and how they can help your business run more smoothly.


Tap, dip or swipe, and your customers are all set. Efficient customer service is great customer service.

How do mobile EFTPOS machines work?

Mobile EFTPOS machines work by using a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to process an electronic transaction. Rather than being reliant on a corded internet connection, like traditional EFTPOS machines, a mobile EFTPOS terminal will work anywhere. They can be taken to a customer’s restaurant table to settle a bill conveniently, carried along by an employee working in a retail store, or in the toolbox of a tradie making house calls.

Mobile EFTPOS machines are more or less identical to their hard-wired counterparts, at least in terms of basic functionality. These tools offer a convenient and safe way for customers to make payments by communicating with the customer’s bank, the processing bank, and your own bank, as well as any other necessary parties. As part of that communication, an EFTPOS machine will check that an account has the available funds necessary to make a purchase before transferring the money to your own business account to complete the payment.

How much does a mobile EFTPOS machine cost?

Costs aren’t particularly consistent when it comes to mobile EFTPOS machines. Different companies have varying fees and price structures. However, Finder said a monthly rental cost between $30 and $150 as well as transaction fees of 1 to 3% are both common. Maintenance costs, plus extra charges for certain features and additional terminals, may also be required by some providers.

When choosing a terminal provider, inspect the agreement closely for hidden fees and charges. Prioritise providers that offer low payment processing fees, no ongoing terminal rental fees, and as many reduced or eliminated fees as possible.

How can I get a mobile EFTPOS machine?

There are plenty of options for portable EFTPOS machines on the market. This type of terminal is becoming increasingly popular because it offers the added convenience of portability along with all the features of a traditional EFTPOS machine. Look for a mobile terminal provider offering features that suit your particular type of business, without locking you into a lengthy contract.

3 advantages of a mobile EFTPOS machine

1. Deliver better customer service

In some situations, like restaurants, it simply makes sense to bring your payment terminal to the customer. It’s all part of the customer service. In many others, having a mobile EFTPOS machine helps you adjust to the flow of customers throughout the day. Having the option to move your terminal where it’s needed can be a big help if your business runs a Boxing Day sale, for example. With more than one terminal and a long line of customers, you could spread out lines for a faster and more convenient customer experience.

2. Offer more flexibility

If you expand or rearrange your business’s current location, it can be a headache to run longer cords or have new ports installed for a wired terminal. It’s an added expense, and one more thing to add to what is often a long list of to-dos. Mobile EFTPOS machines can accept payments anywhere, as long as they can connect to the internet. That means more options for your business in terms of how your storefront is arranged.

Terminal providers are increasingly prioritising aesthetics as well as functionality, so you’ve got the option of choosing a next-generation terminal that compliments the design of your space. If you’ve put a lot of work into designing a light-filled, Scandinavian shop, for example, a clunky terminal is going to look out of place and detract from your fitout. Look for a terminal that fits the colour scheme of your countertop, without making it a focal point — your shop should be the focus, not hardware. 

Looking to upgrade your EFTPOS machine? Zeller Terminal comes in a sleek black or white design to suit any aesthetic.

3. Increase sales

With a mobile EFTPOS machine, you can take your business on the go and offer your customers a full range of payment options that modern shoppers expect. You can bring it along to events like festivals, and enable fast checkout at pop-up events and activations. A mobile EFTPOS machine gives you the means to bring your business to your customers, wherever they happen to be.

The best EFTPOS machine for small businesses

A mobile EFTPOS machine can help increase both the volume and speed of sales, give you the opportunity to set up shop wherever works for you, and support you to provide better customer service. Ending each customer’s visit to your storefront — or wherever you happen to be set up on a given day — with a quick and secure payment is the final step towards a thoroughly positive experience. 

And let’s not forget that happy, satisfied customers are more likely to return for another visit and even spread the word of your business to friends, family, and colleagues. This is where Zeller can help. 

Zeller Terminal is a next-gen EFTPOS terminal designed to accept every payment from every customer, for one low rate, no matter where business takes you. Discover if it’s the right solution for you.


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