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Protect your business from rising costs. Switch to zero-cost EFTPOS. Learn more


Your ticket to better business cash flow management.

What is cash flow management?

Cash flow management is how you track the amount of money going in and out of your business. Proper cash flow management helps maintain a balance between your earnings (revenue from sales) and expenses (debts to suppliers, staff wages, rental fees, etc.).

Poor cash flow management is the primary reason many businesses fail. To grow a successful business, you need an efficient payment and transaction monitoring solution that will ensure you maintain a positive cash flow, and avoid gaps between inflowing and outflowing cash.

Use Zeller as your all-in-one business finance solution.

Accept payments with Zeller Terminal, spend funds with your Zeller Debit Card, and manage your business finances with your fee-free Zeller Transaction Account.

Everything you need to get more money flowing into your business while meeting your financial obligations — all in one box.


Get on top of cash flow management with your Zeller Transaction Account.

With all this functionality at your fingertips, it’s never been easier for you to perform tasks like cash flow analysis, cash flow forecasting, and generating a cash flow statement for your business. Zeller gives you the power to effortlessly track how much cash flows in and out of your business, so you can adjust your business operations accordingly and avoid shortfalls when invoices from suppliers, staff wages, and other financial obligations are due.

With your Zeller merchant account, maintaining a positive cash flow is refreshingly simple. Try it yourself and see the difference it makes for your business.

Your Zeller Transaction Account comes free when you sign up and is ready to use without any lengthy paperwork.

  • Quick online setup - Open your free Zeller Transaction Account in minutes without needing to visit a bank.

  • Fast settlement - Funds are settled to your merchant account the same day a customer pays.

  • Complete online control - View transactions and card payments across every business location and terminal in real-time.

  • Manage cards - Link and activate your Zeller Debit Card, as well as order additional cards for employees from Zeller Dashboard.

  • Easily track expenses - Get a complete overview of incoming and outgoing payments, with the ability to categorise transactions for enhanced visibility.

  • Mobile account management - Your mobile Zeller merchant account means you can kiss bank branches goodbye and say hello to easier cash flow management.

  • Online transfers - Move money between Zeller Transaction Accounts and third-party bank accounts quickly and securely.

  • Organise your business finances - You can set up separate Zeller merchant accounts to easily track how much money is coming in and out of your business.


Use your Zeller Debit Card to spend with confidence.

Your Zeller Debit Card is included free in the box with your Zeller Terminal.

Your free Zeller Debit Card can be activated in minutes right out of the box, giving you the ability to spend funds as soon as they arrive in your Zeller Transaction Account.

With your Zeller Debit Card in hand, you’ll enjoy:

  • Quick access to your funds -  Pay your invoices and other financial obligations as soon as funds land in your Zeller Transaction Account.

  • Convenient spending - Make in-person or online business purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted.

  • Great affordability -  Make business spending more affordable with no annual card fees and fee-free domestic purchases.

  • Securely manage cards anywhere -  Activate, lock and apply for a new Zeller Debit Card card right from your Zeller Dashboard.

  • Add to your mobile wallet -  Make payments on NFC-enabled terminals by adding your Zeller Debit Card to your mobile wallet.

  • Track business expenses - Track real-time spending on every Zeller Debit Card to manage your business' cash flow with ease.

  • Mobile money management - our mobile transaction account lets you keep your business running smoothly so you’ll never have to deal with bank branches again.


Keep the cash flowing with the powerful and agile Zeller Terminal.

Avoid negative cash flow problems by using Zeller Terminal to accept more payments from more customers, in more places. With a durable frame, a powerful battery that lasts all day, and the ability to easily apply surcharges on the fly, there’s nothing to get between you and willing customers.

The Zeller Terminal accepts:

  • NFC payments from compatible smart devices.

  • Tap-and-go payments from contactless cards.

  • Traditional inserted chip card payments.

  • Swipe payments from Magstripe cards.

  • MOTO payments from customers over the phone.

  • QR code payments via Alipay and WeChat Pay. Coming soon.


Zeller Terminal comes packed with features you’ll love.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity with SIM card slot to enable roaming coverage.

  • Ability to update setting across multiple terminals and locations instantly.

  • Simple tipping functionality that lets customers tip directly in the payment flow.

  • Built-in camera to read QR codes and scan barcodes. Coming soon.

  • Print physical receipts or send them via email or SMS.

  • Easily process refunds right from the terminal with no additional fees.

  • Adjust employee permissions and protect your financial information.

  • Apply custom surcharges with ease.


Never worry about downtime again with the Zeller SIM Card.

It’s hard to practice good cash flow management if you’re missing out on customers due to lack of connectivity. Luckily, using Zeller SIM Card means that issues with Wi-Fi availability never interrupt your ability to accept payments.

Get the card for $15 with your first month free. After that, pay just $15 per month for unlimited data.

The Zeller SIM Card gives you:

  • Insurance against Wi-Fi outages or unavailability.

  • The freedom to cover more ground and accept payments outside your traditional point of sale, like outdoor dining areas or bars.

  • The ability to sell on-the-go, either on the road or at events like pop-up markets.

  • Peace of mind with unlimited data and stable connectivity Australia-wide, thanks to Optus.


Make cash flow management easier with Zeller.

Zeller gives you the tools and functionality you need to seamlessly move money in and out of your business while enjoying unparalleled oversight over every transaction.

Combined with shrewd spending and diligent bookkeeping, Zeller is the last business payment and cash flow management solution you’ll ever need.

With Zeller, you’ll be able to:

  • Accept more kinds of payment in more places, with less hassle and no hidden fees.

  • Track and categorise transactions in real-time.

  • Pay business expenses as soon as funds land in your merchant account.

  • Effortlessly apply surcharges and update terminals across multiple locations.


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