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    6 Tips to Protect from Credit Card Fraud this Holiday Season

    23.11.2021 Security

    It pays to stay vigilant with a few simple precautions. As a business owner, securing your assets, stock and premises is a critical part of your..

    Are Contactless Payments Safe?

    5.11.2021 Security

    Every business must implement safe payment solutions. If you’re a business owner in Australia, you know that times have changed for brick-and-mortar..

    Special Report March 2022

    The Zeller Regional Business Report

    Australia is rich with vibrant regional communities undergoing a period of transformation, with a record number of people packing their bags and making a tree change. Some are taking advantage of the newfound flexible work arrangements to pull up their city stumps, while for others lockdown was the final push needed to move to greener pastures and start fresh. This migratory shift is already having a ripple effect across local economies.

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    What is a Payment Gateway?

    9.09.2021 Finances Security

    Understand what a payment gateway is and how it applies to your business.  Any business that accepts cashless transactions needs a payment gateway. A..

    How to Securely Transact Over the Phone

    30.08.2021 Security

    Learn how to accept manually entered card payments.  When it comes to tapping into new markets, businesses that accept over-the-phone payments have a..

    9 Questions to Ask When Buying an EFTPOS Terminal

    20.05.2021 Finances Security

    Here's what you need to know about finding the right EFTPOS terminal. Searching for a next-gen EFTPOS machine that accepts modern payment methods,..

    How to Prove PCI Compliance

    10.05.2021 Business tips Security

    If your business accepts card payments, you must comply with this global standard to protect cardholder data. No matter your business’s size or..

    How EFTPOS Transactions Work

    15.03.2021 Payments Security

    EFTPOS isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when setting up a new business. Often seen as a highly technical topic, EFTPOS transactions..