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    Choosing the Best Credit Card Machine for Your Business

    31.08.2021 Payments

    Keep these factors in mind when selecting a credit card machine.  By 2024, it’s expected that 98% of the Australian economy will be cashless. In..

    How An EFTPOS Terminal Can Benefit Your Business

    9.08.2021 Payments

    Considering a card machine? Here's what to weigh up. Having a reliable card machine and accepting card payments is becoming increasingly important to..

    Surcharging: Is it Right for Your Business?

    28.07.2021 Payments

    Considering adding a surcharge for EFTPOS payments? Read this first. Every sale you make costs your business a small amount of money. When a customer..

    Calculating the True Cost of an Internet Outage

    23.07.2021 Payments

    Internet connectivity issues can be a major burden for any business that accepts cashless payments. There are many advantages to using an EFTPOS..

    The Benefits of Pay-At-The-Table Restaurant Payment Technology

    21.07.2021 Payments

    Pay-at-the-table tech is key for restaurants in attracting customers back to dine in. Since the first COVID-19 lockdowns in early 2020, a number of..

    The True Cost of Late Payments (and How to Reduce it)

    12.07.2021 Payments

    Chasing up late invoices is likely costing your business a lot more than you think. Even with agreed-upon payment terms in place, Australian business..

    What is EFTPOS and How Does it Work?

    16.06.2021 Payments

    It pays to know exactly what EFTPOS is and how to take advantage of it in your business. EFTPOS, not to be confused with the privately-run Australian..

    Retail Pricing Strategies: Finding the Right Price to Maximise Your Profits

    8.06.2021 Payments

    Making the right pricing strategy decision is crucial to your retail business's bottom line. The importance of appropriately pricing your products..

    Does the Cost of Acceptance Outweigh the Price of Rejection?

    7.05.2021 Payments

    While the added expense of card processing fees may paint cash-only business as an appealing option, in the scheme of things, the cost of acceptance..

    How to Deal With a Declined Credit Card Payment

    30.04.2021 Payments

    Knowing what to tell a customer whose credit card has declined is an important customer service skill.  When you have a retail or hospitality..