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    How to Use Zeller Receipts as a Marketing Tool

    10.06.2022 Marketing

    A receipt is the perfect place to further promote your business. Searching for an affordable way to increase sales and encourage repeat business?..

    The Right Way to Manage Multiple Locations on Google My Business

    25.05.2022 Marketing

    Own a multi-location business? Here’s how to grow traffic and get more customers. In 2022, 8.5 billion Google searches are made every single day...

    Special Report March 2022

    The Zeller Regional Business Report

    Australia is rich with vibrant regional communities undergoing a period of transformation, with a record number of people packing their bags and making a tree change. Some are taking advantage of the newfound flexible work arrangements to pull up their city stumps, while for others lockdown was the final push needed to move to greener pastures and start fresh. This migratory shift is already having a ripple effect across local economies.

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    How the Marketing Funnel Works from Top to Bottom

    6.05.2022 Marketing

    The key to an effective funnel is understanding your customers. A marketing funnel describes a customer’s journey with your business. It lays out the..

    5 Ideas to Revive High Street Shopping

    29.04.2022 Marketing

    It's time for high street retailers to adapt to the post-pandemic landscape. The high street has faced unprecedented challenges in recent years — not..

    Launching a Brand: How to Make a Powerful First Impression

    18.02.2022 Marketing

    Take advantage of this golden opportunity to win customers.  The success of your new business hinges on a number of key elements, including the..

    How to Calculate Your Social Media ROI

    17.01.2022 Marketing

    Are you spending your social media marketing budget wisely?  Measuring the return on metrics such as engagement rate or customer satisfaction can..

    6 Tips to Start a Successful Blog for Your Small Business

    10.11.2021 Marketing

    Discover the benefits of blogging for small business.  Have you ever Googled a business to see what their website content is like? Of course you..

    Selling a Product vs Selling a Service

    1.11.2021 Business tips Marketing

    Is there a difference between selling products and services? Your first major decision as a future business owner is to determine what you’re going..