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    How to Open a Merchant Account

    3.11.2021 Finances

    There's the old way, and then there's the easy way. For many small business owners, the time and energy it takes to open a merchant account is an..

    Deciphering EFTPOS Transaction Fees

    29.10.2021 Payments Finances

    Can you cut costs by minimising your transaction fees? As a business owner, you know that every cost — no matter how small — adds up. When was the..

    Tips for Protecting Your Business’s Cash Flow

    25.10.2021 Finances

    Here are 4 tips to help you keep your cash flow under control. No matter how many sales are made, if your takings aren’t settled and at your disposal..

    How to Find an Accountant For Your Small Business

    18.10.2021 Business tips Finances

    An accountant is an invaluable asset for your small business. As a business owner, maximising your tax offsets (and paying the right amount of tax)..

    What is a Payment Gateway?

    9.09.2021 Finances Security

    Understand what a payment gateway is and how it applies to your business.  Any business that accepts cashless transactions needs a payment gateway. A..

    Should You Accept Card-Not-Present Payments?

    26.08.2021 Finances

    Discover the benefits of accepting CNP transactions. While card-not-present (CNP) payments may not be a universal customer term, it’s an important..

    How Much Does It Cost to Start a Retail Business?

    18.08.2021 Business tips Finances

    There are several critical costs to consider when setting up shop. While the retail industry is a highly competitive and risky business, with a bit..

    GST For Small Businesses: Here’s What You Need To Know

    16.08.2021 Business tips Finances

    Wondering if you should charge GST? Here’s how to know. Most small business owners will be familiar with GST, or the goods and services tax. This is..

    Budgeting for Business Owners: 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid

    6.08.2021 Finances

    Every successful business needs a budget. Running a small business with great success often hinges on executing a well-curated business plan. One of..