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Swap your Business Bank for a Zeller Transaction Account


Discover a better way to store and spend business funds. Zeller Transaction Account is a powerful business transaction account that makes keeping on..

Spend Smarter with the New Zeller Debit Card


Meet your powerful new business Debit Card. Without fast access to your takings, business cash flow can stagnate. Having the ability to make..

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September 2023 Zeller Presents

Rathdowne Village

Discover the history of Rathdowne Village, and the stories behind five local businesses and the community they support which keeps them thriving.

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Growth Tips from Kings Domain: “Do It For You”


Discover what it takes to scale a business in a crowded niche. Kings Domain is a small business success story of epic scale. With an in-house..

Zeller and Xero: Teaming Up for Bank Feeds


Streamline reconciliation with Zeller's Xero Bank Feeds. No business owner looks forward to manually reconciling their accounts. We’ve partnered with..

Shop Small: Tips to Boost Your Revenue this November


Encourage shoppers to support your business. Shop Small is an Australia-wide celebration of local businesses, spearheaded by American Express. The..

Business Activities Checklist: 5 Tasks You Should Do Every Day


Make daily progress on your goals with Zeller. As a business owner, it can be difficult to complete all of your daily jobs — day in, day out. Yet..

Zeller Tipping Trends: What, Where and When Australians are Tipping

7.10.2022 Payments

New Zeller data reveals tipping is becoming more popular. Although the practice of tipping is far from mandatory in Australia, it’s becoming..

How Park Street Pasta & Wine Increased Tips by 30% with Zeller

5.10.2022 Payments

Growing your staff tips is “a win-win for everyone”. Luca Balbo spent four years on the Park Street Pasta & Wine restaurant floor as venue manager..