How to Make the Most of Bonus Tax Deductions for Businesses

    13.04.2022 Business tips Finances

    Now's the time to invest in upgrading your tech tools and training staff.  The 2022-23 federal budget announcement delivered several wins for..

    Managing Tax on Tips and Gratuities in Australia

    7.04.2022 Payments

    Here's what you need to know about accepting tips from customers. There is no hard and fast rule about tipping in Australia. Some customers do, some..

    How to Write a Successful Beauty Salon Business Plan

    4.04.2022 Business tips

    Discover the critical components to include in your salon business plan. A business plan is far more than a simple document. Think of it as your..

    Special Report March 2022

    The Zeller Regional Business Report

    Australia is rich with vibrant regional communities undergoing a period of transformation, with a record number of people packing their bags and making a tree change. Some are taking advantage of the newfound flexible work arrangements to pull up their city stumps, while for others lockdown was the final push needed to move to greener pastures and start fresh. This migratory shift is already having a ripple effect across local economies.

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    2022-23 Federal Budget: 10 Things Merchants Need to Know

    29.03.2022 Business tips

    Looking to hire, upskill staff, or purchase new tools? You're in luck.  In the weeks leading up to the official announcement, there has been mounting..

    The Hidden Costs of "Fee Free" EFTPOS

    29.03.2022 Payments Finances

    Who covers the cost of cashless transactions with "fee free" EFTPOS? Every time a customer uses a cashless payment, there is a small cost associated..

    Filter Transactions Down To the Minute with Advanced Filtering

    28.03.2022 Features, Tools and Integrations

    Discover the latest filter enhancements for transaction lists. Reporting is a critical part of every business operating system. Understanding the..

    What is Integrated EFTPOS?

    25.03.2022 Business tips

    What is integrated EFTPOS? Here's everything you need to know. Integrated EFTPOS happens when your point-of-sale (POS) system communicates directly..

    7 Reasons Your Business Shouldn’t Be Cash-Only

    16.03.2022 Payments Finances

    Making the decision to run your business cash-only is costly. While it is legal to operate a cash-only business in Australia, it's a poor strategy..

    International Women’s Day: 5 Women in Business Share Their Best Advice

    8.03.2022 Business tips

    Zeller celebrates the rise and rise of female entrepreneurs. New business applications reached a record high in 2021, and women are leading the..