Team Zeller

    Shop Local: How You Can Benefit From This Growing Trend

    28.06.2021 Business tips

    Australians are showing their values with their wallets, and ramping up local spending.  From buying produce at the farmer’s market to splurging on..

    Things To Know When Starting a Food Truck Business

    25.06.2021 Business tips

    From licensing and location to the mobility of your menu – we've got you covered.  Whether you’re taking your first step into the food industry or..

    5 Ways to Make Your Business More Sustainable

    24.06.2021 Business tips

    Sustainability is no longer optional for businesses.  The overwhelming majority of Australians want businesses to be more transparent about where..

    Managing Burnout as a Business Owner

    23.06.2021 Wellness and Productivity

    Four in five Australians faced burnout in 2020.   Running a business is an incredible accomplishment that can be both fulfilling and empowering, yet..

    What is a Business Activity Statement?

    21.06.2021 Finances

    A business activity statement is a tax form most businesses have to submit quarterly. A business activity statement (BAS) is a business tax reporting..

    How to Build a Community on Instagram

    18.06.2021 Marketing

    Growing an active, engaged online community is a tried and tested way to drive customer loyalty and increase revenue. To say that Instagram has the..

    What is EFTPOS and How Does it Work?

    16.06.2021 Payments

    It pays to know exactly what EFTPOS is and how to take advantage of it in your business. EFTPOS, not to be confused with the privately-run Australian..

    What’s New at Zeller

    15.06.2021 Features, Tools and Integrations

    Discover the latest features and tools we've delivered.  It’s been four weeks since we officially launched Zeller, a huge milestone in our journey to..

    The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram for Business

    11.06.2021 Business tips Marketing

    Instagram offers a huge opportunity for businesses to capture customers' attention and increase foot traffic. With more than one billion users on the..

    Retail Pricing Strategies: Finding the Right Price to Maximise Your Profits

    8.06.2021 Payments

    Making the right pricing strategy decision is crucial to your retail business's bottom line. The importance of appropriately pricing your products..